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    NASCAR Goes All Out for Autistic Kids

    posted by Jeanne Sager March 15, 2012 at 12:46 PM in Sports
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    There's something about macho, macho men going out of their way to help little kids that makes me melt. Are you with me? Then ladies, start your engines! NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is devoting an entire race to helping kids with autism.

    Aww! That's a cause we can all get behind.

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    Another day, another newscaster getting into trouble for saying the wrong thing. Danica Patrick, the victim this time around, has made headlines lately for complaining how the media always calls her "sexy," and for ending her first NASCAR Sprint Cup race with a crash.

    So this is what happened: The newscaster who got into trouble, Ross Shimabuku, showed a clip of Patrick asking, "Is there any other word that you can use to describe me?" in a video clip (referring to how she hates being called "sexy" all the time).

    Shimabuku responded: "Oh, I've got a few words. Starts with a ‘B', and it's not ‘beautiful.'"

    That comment got the sports reporter suspended. And I think it's an appropriate punishment.

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    You've got to give Juan Pablo Montoya a little credit. The NASCAR driver shut down the already delayed Daytona 500 last night with a crash and huge fire. But when it comes to the sport, watching video of the Target car hurtle into the back of a jet dryer truck was pretty much the best you can get.

    Oh, come on, don't tell me you don't watch racing for the crashes. I've lived in the South, worked across the street from the dealership of driver Elliott Sadler's daddy's car dealership in fact, and even the most hardcore fans told me they LOVED them some crashing. And Montoya's was the very best of the best.

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    The Daytona 500 is just under two hours away and the world is waiting. The anticipation is normally high around this race but today most everyone is talking about Danica Patrick ... for a whole variety of reasons. The most important, I think, is that she is breaking ground in her sport. She is only the third woman to ever compete in the Daytona 500 and it's awesome that she's representing.

    Here's what you need to know to get your drive on ...

    The race will be on FOX and, although their programming starts at noon, the race doesn't begin until 1pm EST. Read More
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    Why is Danica Patrick a racing icon? Because the girl doesn't just know how to drive a fast car, she knows how to wreck a fast car -- the right way. And hey, like Steven Tyler says, you've got to lose to know how to win.

    Okay, maybe that was a little bit of a stretch. For real though, Patrick could have ended up seriously injured when she crashed yesterday on the last lap of the NASCAR Gatorade Duel at Daytona International Speedway. Luckily, Patrick knew exactly what to do. It's part of her job.

    As she put it:

    "We are not average people," she said. "We are not average drivers on the road. I'm not saying we crash for a living, but it is part of racing for a living. I feel fine. I feel good. I'm ready to go."

    So just for the record, she meant to take her hands off the steering wheel as her car skidded across the track ...

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    Have you heard? Danica Patrick is the first female NASCAR driver with a snowball's chance in you-know-where to actually win the Daytona 500. What a fabulous day for womankind! Not.

    Listen, y'all, I respect Danica Patrick's skills as a driver. No matter what the haters say, NASCAR is much more than driving in circles or making left turns all day. It takes true talent to maneuver a car at extreme speeds around other vehicles without killing yourself or others. But when my NASCAR-obsessed father-in-law told me he was going to give my daughter a birthday present emblazoned with Danica's number 10, I politely declined (props to my mother-in-law for taking my side).

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    Not sexy ... right?Danica Patrick, a NASCAR racer and model, was swarmed by the media yesterday during NASCAR's media day. But instead of her comments about important racing stuff, like how she's making her Sprint Cup debut in the Daytona 500, the biggest thing to come out of her interviews was the fact that she'd prefer being called "pretty" over "sexy." In fact, she pretty much doesn't want to be called anything with the word "sex" in it.

    I can't help but feel like this is kind of a strange thing for Danica to be complaining about. I mean, have you seen those Go Daddy commercials? (You can after the jump.) Most of her Google Image results feature her half-clothed, bending over sexily (oops, can't use that word anymore) a car. If that's the kind of image she wants to put out there -- not like any of us can blame her, being blessed with those looks -- she oughta not bite the hand that feeds her.

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    You don't have to be a NASCAR fan to have your panties in a twist over driver Kasey Kahne and his asinine tweets accusing a mom breastfeeding her child in his local grocery store of grossing him out. But then again, the chance that the moms he pissed off this week were fans of his sport to begin with shows just what a boob Kasey really is! Didn't his mama teach him the term "you don't poop where you eat"?

    Being an athlete means knowing where your bread is buttered. And 31-year-old Kahne makes his living in a sport that's dominated the female market like no other. Picking on something that thousands of ladies do every day was not exactly his smartest move when you consider how many women help pay his bills.

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    It takes a lot for me to call people out on their so-called inappropriate behavior, but the NASCAR fans who actually booed First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden on Sunday seriously crossed the line. What they did was beyond inappropriate, it was downright tacky. It was rude, thoughtless, and hurtful. Because the pair wasn't at the races to promote any kind of political agenda, they were there to support a charity for military families.

    And the First and Second Ladies weren't even the only honorary grand marshalls for the final races of the Spirit Cup, held at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. They were joined by a retired Army sergeant and his family.

    What makes the whole incident even worse is that NASCAR as an institution has been incredibly supportive of the military. Now their efforts will be tainted with this staggering display of disrespect.

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  • NASCAR Dude's Meth Arrest Is So Unfair

    posted by Jacqueline Burt November 2, 2011 at 8:45 PM in Sports
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    Are you sitting down? I do hope you're sitting down, because this latest sports scandal is gonna shock the daylights right outta you. Okay, you ready? Get this: Jeremy Mayfield, former golden boy of NASCAR, has been arrested. Wait, it gets even MORE shocking. He was arrested on charges of meth possession.

    Meth! Whodathunkit? A NASCAR dude?

    Come on, really? Let's face facts: Meth is to NASCAR what steroids are to every other sport. Looky here, a hillbilly race car driver can't live on moonshine alone, now can he?

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