Coaches Fight in Massive High School Football Brawl (VIDEO)

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football fightSo much for teaching students what good sportsman-like behavior looks like. Last night a high school football game turned into a brawl when the two teams' coaches started exchanging blows. It all went down in Indianapolis, Indiana. Arsenal Tech High School was leading Fort Wayne South Side High 24 to 6 in the third quarter when players from opposing teams started fighting. Minutes later their coaches started fighting each other. All hell broke loose, with players joining in and fans running down into the field. The local police had to be called to break it up. 

Thankfully, no injuries were reported. No arrests were made, either. But the shameful incident was captured on video -- naturally. Parents, students, and fans will no doubt spend the next week or so arguing over who was most at fault, but I think we need to look at the coaches. These are two adults who are supposed to be leading the youth in their charge and showing them what it means to be a man. Instead, they started squabbling like little boys on a playground. No word yet on any disciplinary action, but I hope they're at least reprimanded. 

Have you ever seen school coaches fight each other?


Image via WishTV/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Lolwut

Good ole Fort Wayne Indiana, we know how to stay classy,

Robert MacFarlane

'Shining examples' for youth in sport . . .

B1Bomber B1Bomber

That's embarrassing. They should be fired and the players suspended.

nonmember avatar Mia

I was there running the BBQ booth lol! This was unlike anything I have ever actually seen! Literally both sides of the bleachers went blank, 1/2 the people jumped down and 1/2 the people were running away. Hahahaha only at Tech!! Ghetto ass school!

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