Mean Woman Steals Foul Ball Right Out of Little Girl's Hands (VIDEO)

woman steals ball out of girls handsOne of the good rules to live by in life right up there with don't stick your wet fingers in electrical outlets and don't throw rocks on fire at animals is don't be mean to children. They are our world's innocents and the sunflowery Earth knows there isn't a lot of innocence around these days. Which is why it really gets my goat that this big meanie of a woman steals a baseball right out of the hands of a little girl.

The ball was reportedly meant for this little ponytailed cutie. Arizona Diamondbacks' Juan Miranda pitched it to her after it went foul at Houston's Minute Maid field. She had it in her arms when this woman (who resembles Kris Jenner) snatches it out of her arms with a slightly maniacal look on her face. Watch it and see.


Come on, lady! You know the rules! Don't be mean to children. They are the world's innocents. You can see you are kind of twinsies, the two of you in all white. But it's clear you are the wolf in sheep's clothing.

It pains me to see the little girl's anguish and then her walk back up to her seat dejected while the woman is high-fiving her friends with smiles on their faces who clearly think it's okay to be mean to children. Perhaps they also think it's okay to stick their wet fingers in electrical outlets ... in which case ....

This unfair display of poor sportsmanship happened last year but we're just uncovering it now. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling kind of sad.

Do you think she should have given the ball back to the child?

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