Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn Announce Their Love With Cheesy Portraits (VIDEO)


Lindsey Vonn & Tiger Woods confirmed datingFor months now we've all been speculating about Tiger Woods and his relationship with skier Lindsey Vonn. We watched the two of them jet off to Antigua together. We watched Lindsey use his private jet. We wondered how she could be OK with his cheating past and questioned why she thought him and ex Elin Nordegren being buddies was a good idea. Well lucky for us, the "ARE THEY TOGETHER OR NOT!?" question has FINALLY been answered: Yes, they are. The athletic duo has officially announced they are dating.

Now generally this kinda thing comes out on Twitter or in a sly comment to some reporter somewhere by accident. But Tiger and Lindsey? They wanted more than that. They wanted to up the cheesiness factor. So they took professional portraits and made official announcements on each of their professional Facebook accounts.

Yes. I'm serious. Who do they think they are with these pics, Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Seriously, what couple have you known to EVER release photos announcing they they're DATING!? Engaged, yes. Having a baby, of course! Married -- mazel tov! But dating? It's like Tiger Woods has made it his personal mission to announce to the world that a woman is actually OK dating him after everything that's happened.

Listen, to each their own. If you want to take total cheesy pictures to announce that you're officially exclusive with someone, they hey, I guess that's your choice. I just can't wait to see what happens if Tiger and Lindsey get engaged one day. A full-on movie montage? Hey, a girl can hope.

What do you think of Tiger and Lindsey's big couple announcement? Have you ever heard of someone taking photos like this?


Images via nick step, familymwr/ Flickr

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nonmember avatar TJ_

lindsay vonn is gross...she prolly does tijuanna donkey shows on the side.Another white chick dating a black guy to get attention...too funny!

Carmen Brouillet

I am glad that finally Tiger and Elin have moved on!!! I still think that Elin is the winner!!! Tiger has serious issues and I wish LV good luck with him!!! Yeah, there is no worst fool than one who cannot see what is in plain sight... What I find interesting is the fact that Tiger and LV went public after the media announced Elin was dating Chris Cline!!!  It looks like LV is willing to put up with anything for the sake of MONEY$$$$!

Charles Mosley

Hmm, I find it highly "ironic" that before it was known that LV had anything to do w/ Tiger--The "black man"-- she was "gorgeous"! hmmm.

Charles Mosley

Ohh, now she
is a "whore"? lmao

Bruce Schnelle

She got to be real stupid!! Or his about all his money!! If he were a real guy she won't have given him the time of day!!

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