Serena Williams Gets Caught Taking Forbidden Photo of Tiger Woods (VIDEO)


Serena Williams, the number one tennis ace in the world, is not accustomed to being denied something she wants. So it came to quite a shock to her when she was slapped down for trying to take a photo. Serena was watching Tiger Woods line up his shot at a PGA tournament in Florida when she raised her pink cellphone to snap a pic. But the tennis phenom apparently had no idea that taking pics of the golf champ is strictly forbidden. I can only imagine that this is posted everywhere -- and probably announced too -- but, hey, It's me, Serena! Lemme do what I want! So she excitedly held up her camera to snap a shot when ... doh! She got sooooo busted. And it's really funny.

As Serena holds up her pink cam to take the shot, the TV camera zooms in on her. And then a security guard quickly comes over, places his hand right in front of her camera and quickly lowers her hand.

The look on Serena's face is priceless. She hangs her mouth open FOREVER. I'm surprised a bird didn't fly into it. Then the announcers begin poking fun of her.

"Serena, you may be number one in the world of tennis, but no special privileges out here," says one. "She can't believe it!"

Another pipes in with "She's flabbergasted." Then he says, "I think Tiger might have allowed Serena to snap that picture."

Serena then tweeted:

OK at this golf tournament. Just saw @tigerwoods ... Apparently u can't take pics. This security for mad and yelled at me.

Yelled at, really?! I didn't see her get yelled at by anyone. Is Serena so spoiled that when the guard might have said something like, "No pictures," she interpreted that as being yelled at? Well, boo hoo.

Anyway, it's nice to see there are still events in the world where pictures are forbidden. I'm so tired of people watching their cameras instead of what's actually happening in front of them.

Have you ever taken a picture where you're not supposed to?

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sassy... sassykat122

Seriously? Did you not watch the rest of the video? When another guard came up and explained why she was perfectly cordial and without attitude. And yes we all know we aren't supposed to take pix at certain events and we have all tried anyways. Acting like she did it because she thought as a celebrity she could get away with it is you judging her.


Hey sassykat welcome to rants and paranoia by Kiri This was the tip of the iceberg. Go look at her other rants sorry posts. The woman has never found a silver lining in her life and if she did she would find the tarnish.

sassy... sassykat122

Prima...Did she write the one about Bieber as well? I remember when Jeanne seemed like the most controversial writer. I get they are trying to promote conversation but dang if she just seems awfullx unhappy with the world.

Tripl... TripleC14

I've never seen people try to take pics when they're not supposed at concerts and shows and stuff...

Seriously, seems like an honest mistake. Who would assume that you can't take pictures at a (supposedly) sporting event?

Amy Hysell

I was in NYC when the movie "Enchanted" with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey was being filmed. My friend and I took a few pictures. A man came over and got after us saying we weren't allowed to do that and we may have ruined a bunch of shots...blah, blah, blah. We had no idea and apologized. The pics were so funny, cause that guy was in most and you can see the progression of irritation on his face :)

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