Lindsey Vonn: 8 Things to Know About Tiger Woods' New 'Girlfriend'

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Lindsey VonnU.S. skier Lindsey Vonn may be hurting professionally after suffering a devastating injury during the Alpine World Championships in Austria on Tuesday, but it seems her personal life is heating up. Although nothing has been confirmed, rumors are flying that Vonn is dating Tiger Woods. Vonn and Woods have been "hanging out more recently," were spotted in Antigua in January, and after her injury -- the skier was spotted using the pro golfer's private jet to return back home. A pretty HUGE favor for "just a friend," eh?

Vonn's divorce made a splash in the headlines last year, as did the rumor that Tim Tebow may have had something to do with it. Tiger Woods, well, we know ALL about the catastrophic divorce from Elin Nordegren. The question: Are these two recently divorced sports stars a match made in ESPN heaven?

Check out these 8 things to know about Lindsey Vonn, and then decide for yourself: 

1. Lindsey is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota.

2. She's been skiing since she was two.

3. She moved to Colorado with her family at age 11 to pursue her dream of being a professional skier.

4. She has two Olympic medals, one gold and one bronze.

5. In 2011, she won her fourth consecutive overall World Cup title and was named the U.S. Olympic Committee's Sportswoman of the Year in both 2009 and 2010.

6. Lindsey skis on men's skis because she thinks they feel "more stable."

7. Lindsey owns a cow and a goat, both of which she won different skiing events.

8. Lindsey posed in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Watch out, Kate Upton!

In my eyes, their common sports background may be a good point for them. But the fact that Lindsey may be willing to give a man who cheated on his wife with dozens of women a chance, well, it just doesn't sound like a recipe for awesomeness to me.

Do you think Lindsey and Tiger are really together?


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I'd be more interested to know if she and her ex bff Maria Reisch have reconciled. As for the question at hand;who cares, they are two divorced adults. Lord knows she (and the world)knows his past. Love watching her nail those slopes. Speedy recovery Linds !

jessi... jessicasmom1

creepy she looks like his ex wife 

Carmen Brouillet

HA, HA, This two has been friends with benefits since last year but the media did not discover it until recently!!! They may have kept it secret because her divorce was not finalized until Jan2013! They are well suited as they both are spose's cheaters!!! YES,They share interests, Tiger likes booty and Lindsey is willing as long as there is plenty of money$$$$!


David B Cordick

another blonde slut after black money

nonmember avatar easy hoe alert

Good luck with the STDS ya gullible twit!

MarkoC. MarkoC.

My advice for her: RUN while you can. He won't change.

Bruce Schnelle

Just a blonde slut after big money!! I would have never thought she would turn a HO for Tiger woods..

nonmember avatar ellie

I am ashamed to read the awful comments about Lindsey on this article. The comments are appalling to read as none of them are true. Lindsey is one of the most individual, lovely and hard working people that I know. If she is happy with Tiger woods it is up to her to decide if she wants to stay in a relationship with him. If you don't agree with their relationship keep your comments too yourself!!

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