Super Bowl Blackout Explained ... Even Though We Know It Was Beyonce


blackoutOkay, New Orleans. Let's talk about this blackout at the Super Bowl. A whole 34 minutes in the dark! (Or anyway, in auxiliary lights.) What happened? Did the 49ers pull the plug for an extra-long time-out? Was Beyoncé too hot? Was it the ghost of Katrina?

There is an "official" explanation, but it's incredibly vague: An "abnormality in the system" cased the Super Bowl blackout, according to Superdome officials. A piece of monitoring equipment picked up on the abnormality and shut off the lights so the issue could be isolated. The emergency generators kicked in immediately. But they don't know what caused that "abnormality."

Obviously that abnormality was the Destiny's Child reunion. Just saying.

Anyway, people in charge feel bad. "We sincerely apologize for the incident," says Superdome spokesman Eric Eagan. NOLA mayor Mitch Landrieu says, "The power outage was an unfortunate moment in what has been an otherwise shining Super Bowl week for the city of New Orleans. For us, the Super Bowl isn't over until the last visitor leaves town, so we're focused on continuing to show our visitors a good time."

As for the Superdome Light Crew, they got a little bit defensive via Twitter: "What people don't talk about is how the lights were on for the entire first half.. #smh #superbowl." Haha, it's just a joke account, you guys. @SuperBowlLights joined in to say, "The game was over anyway." Which it kind of was, right? I mean, the 49ers came back for a bit right after, but the Ravens still won. (I write, fronting like I was even watching the game, which of course I wasn't because it was Downton Abbey time.) So many funny tweets about that blackout.

But seriously, The Times Picayune found Superdome meeting memos discussing upgrades that needed to be made to the system before the Super Bowl. So ... good luck nabbing that Olympic bid, guys!

It wasn't the only crazy moment in the Super Bowl. Still, the images from the blackout are super disturbing. Those poor people stranded in the stadium! Hope the Red Cross sent out emergency food rations and flotation devices for them.

What were you doing during the Great Super Bowl Blackout of 2013?



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Doomy234 Doomy234

It was New Orleans, must have been voodoo. 49ers fans were jealous of how awesome the Ravens were doing in the first half, so they blew the lights to try to make the Ravens lose their momentum.


You know Katrina is still a sensitive point for some people. I find you very insensitive for making a crack about flotation devices in a place where people suffered and died. I get it,your piece is light and fluffy and isn't meant to harm,but maybe think before you write.

nonmember avatar kat Fiore

actuall PRIMA, I don't think it is insensitive at all to speak of the 'Ghost (s) of Katrina.. You are right.. MANY people died there.. in that very Super Dome.. and spirits or ghosts or just 'energy' from that doesn't just disappear .. I find it very reasonable and feasible that that could be what caused the abnormality that shorted the system.. and with all due is that offensive?

nonmember avatar kat

also that superdome was built over an old gravesite.. and many sources are saying Beyonce's set was powered by their own generators... hmmmmm

BamaG... BamaGridironGrl

Everyone blacks out in NOLA, nothing new.  LOL  And besides, New Orleans is one of the most haunted cities in the US.


Alabama Gridiron Girl



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