Tiger Woods’ New Blonde Bombshell Girlfriend Is Classier Than We Expected

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Lindsey VonnDid you all forget about Tiger Woods? Well, ever since he had a crazy episode regarding his car and a golf club back in 2009 and it turned out that he was cheating on his super hot gorgeous wife Elin Nordegren and it tore his family apart and he really hasn't done much professionally since, it's kind of easy to forget all about him. Until, of course, news of his dating life comes to light.

Turns out, his latest girlfriend is none other than hottie blonde skier Lindsey Vonn.

Beautiful, tall, athletic, did I say blonde, sure, anyone could see Tiger's attraction. She may not exactly have that, um, porn star look, but maybe his tastes have matured a bit since the scandal (yeah right).

Still, though, gotta wonder what a gorgeous, talented, extremely rich woman like Vonn is doing with a serial cheater like Woods. Because probably the first thing that went through her mind was: Better get this dude tested.

Reportedly, the two have been together since November, and recently they went on a romantic trip to Antigua after Tiger visited Austria to watch Vonn compete.

"They met through the ski community, because Tiger is an active skier," a source told The Hollywood Reporter. "Lindsey has been teaching Tiger’s kids Sam and Charlie how to ski."

Errrrr ... wonder how Elin feels about that?

Nordegren, 33, is the mother of his children, and she's livin' large on a $110 million settlement when she and Tiger divorced a couple years ago. And apparently in light of this news, the reports that Woods was trying to get his ex-wife back aren't accurate in the slightest. Unconfirmed, unchecked tabloid fodder spreading throughout the Internet? In this day and age? Unheard of!

Eh, well, anyway, this probably could spearhead a discussion about once a cheater, always a cheater, and once a liar, always a liar, and I hope Lindsey knows what she's getting into dating a guy who cheated on his wife with 12 different women/porn stars, and did we mention getting that testing done, etc. etc. And if he really wants Elin back, dude, this is so not the way to go about doing it ...

But it seems like he wants it to go all the way with Lindsey, according to a source "close to the golfer." "He wants to marry again and thinks Lindsey could be the woman," they said.

Awww, it's okay, I'll give you this time to dry your eyes. Seriously, though, who the hell knows what's going on with Tiger at this point. Anything regarding his love life just feels a little bit gross and awkward to me. Lindsey's free to make her own decisions about whom she dates, obviously. But since she's had to deal with her own drawn-out divorce over the past couple of years, let's hope she doesn't have to go through any more heartbreak any time soon. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens with these two.

Think Lindsey Vonn & Tiger Woods are going to last?


Image via Cesar/Wikimedia Commons

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claud... claudiaj1218

no, i really don't.  they just seem like kind of an odd couple.  she's also a little young for him, being only 28 years old and he being 37.

nonmember avatar Harry

I think Tiger needs to get a pre-nup on his next marriage. In my opinion he's basically going after pretty blondes who'll talk him and convinces him to marry them , and I give it 1 year tops, if they do marry she'll divorce him and he'll end up broke going this path. Tiger is basically a moving back to these women. And his choice is blondes?? I think he needs to find a woman who will love him for him ,someone he apparently loves and won't cheat on , and know that they're not a gold-digger. Ha, he should've got a pre-nup on Elin cashing out on him with $110 million! Wow! Im guessing 9/10 the new blonde is a gold-digger too. No question about it. Tiger needs to understand 85% of those women he falls head over heels for ,are after his bank account. He can tell if they're gold-diggers if he wants to marry but tries to get a pre-nup and they refuse. I know Elin deserved an amount being the mother of his child , but all & all he should've never cheated on her if he her & in the next 5 years if he don't start thinking about pre-nups before he marry , the famous Tiger Woods is going to go broke! I wish them both very good luck.

nonmember avatar Mike

Jill- breathe water. Hate on Tiger all you want but at the end of the day, he has accomplished more in the past decade than you have/will during your life.

Carmen Brouillet

Maybe Tiger proposed to Elin and she did not accept his proposal...Good for her! What decent woman in her right mind wants to be with this scumbag!Unless she is looking for publicity and/or money$$$!!!

nonmember avatar Brett

Lindsay Vonn is the typical i-want-attention-golddigging-white-chick who will go off and date a black dude to get her name in the papers...what a loser!! Jill is right and she is better looking then this no-name-hack-for-a-skier.

nonmember avatar allen

I was in the military and got to travel around the world. I been to nearly all of the countries in europe, middle east. far east and austraila. The most beautiful women is in demark, second is thailand, and third greece. So you see why tiger goes scandinavin

nonmember avatar Maria Lopez

She has her own money people. She seems down to earth, she was married before and divorced after six years. So let's see and wait of what happen. She is an accomplished and world class skier. Good luck to both.

nonmember avatar rick

Get a life, Jill. Hate, resentment and jealousy fulfills no one!

nonmember avatar Carmen

Only a woman desperate for money or publicity will be with a serial cheater like Tiger!!! Well, according to an article on acesshowbiz on April 2013, Lindsey Vonn had a 1.7 million dollars debt in back taxes! It seems that money$$$ talks!!!

nonmember avatar Tired Old Dog!

What does Lindsay Vonn want with this man-whore, filthy, on-the-decline, aging, tired golfer. His p***s will fall off from all the play on/off the field. Must excite Lindsay! Gross . . .

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