‘Drunk’ Jovan Belcher Had Run-In With Cops Just Hours Before Murdering Girlfriend


jovan belcherThe autopsy released yesterday revealed that Jovan Belcher, the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker who shot and killed his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, before killing himself in front of his coach and general manager, had a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit when this horrific incident occurred. Apparently, about five hours before Jovan killed Perkins, leaving their infant daughter to grow up parentless, cops found him sleeping in his idling car, and allowed him to head inside to a nearby apartment so he could sleep it off.

And naturally, now people are wondering if cops should have done more. Could this god-awful crime have been prevented?

It's hard to say, as it's such a sticky -- and emotional -- situation, but the short answer is: Probably not. How could police have known that this is what was going to happen when they left Belcher's presence? All they saw was an intoxicated person going inside to sleep. (Granted, a drunk person sleeping in an idling car shouldn't be taken lightly.)

The autopsy results revealed that Belcher's BAC was 0.17. The limit for Missouri drivers is 0.08. And most likely, Belcher's BAC was higher when he shot his girlfriend in their Kansas City home. This is unsettling to say the least. But apparently when cops found Belcher sleeping in his Bentley outside of his mistress' apartment, they told him to turn off his ignition, and he immediately complied. In fact, according to the police report that was released, the officers didn't even smell alcohol on Belcher (vodka?), and there were no signs of him being "violent or emotionally unstable."

So, what were they to do?

This is one of those incredibly sad stories that really will never have a clear-cut answer as to why, and we'll always be wondering if this somehow could have been prevented. Because it's just so awful. But at the end of the day, I really don't think police could have stopped this from happening.

What do you think of this?



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dirti... dirtiekittie

the cops had nothing to do with the domestic dispute that happened between him and his girlfriend, and people certainly can't predict the future. i can say that in CA, you can't have your keys anywhere near your ignition or driver's side if you appear drunk - you'll be taken in, even if you aren't actively driving. of course, if the cops said they didn't smell booze and he didn't "appear" to be violent or overly drunk, how would they know? i don't understand how they said they knew he was drunk, but then the report says they didn't notice anything to give away that he was drunk...? 

Miche... Michelephant

@Dirtiekittie  The article doesn't make it sound like the cops claim to have known he was drunk.  I think people are just finding someone to put unecessary blame on because his autopsy found his BAC so high.  But you are completely right. The police couldn't have done anything more. He didn't smell like alcohol, wasn't being violent, and didn't appear to be intoxicated.  

tuffy... tuffymama

The information I read right after it was disclosed that the cops had spoken with him, implied that they felt he was under the influence of something, but let him go. Perhaps because they are football fans? Who knows? If that was you or me in that car, operating under the influence, we'd have been hauled off. Period.

BamaG... BamaGridironGrl

I don't think there is anything they could have done to stop it.  I am all for gun control and everything else, but you just can't predict crazy.


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