Jovan Belcher Kissed Girlfriend After Murdering Her, Which Complicates Everything

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Jovan BelcherSince the news broke that Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher had shot and killed girlfriend Kasandra Perkins before later taking his own life, the linebacker has been painted as somewhat of a monster. He's a man who shot, in cold blood, the mother of his child, then killed himself, leaving their 3-month-old daughter orphaned. But new details of the last moments of Belcher's life paint a new picture.

Monster is too simple, too easy. Would a monster have leaned over and kissed the woman he'd just shot and apologized to her? Would he have kissed his little girl?

Perhaps. Shooting oneself is a cry for help. Shooting someone else, taking another's life, is dark and twisted.

It's comforting to write Jovan Belcher off as a monster, an anomaly. It makes the murder/suicide seem like something singular to the Belcher family, that the evil inherent to what he did is no longer a threat to society because the perpetrator is dead and gone.

And yet, there's something about that last kiss for this girlfriend that can't be ignored. We have already heard that after the shooting, Belcher drove to the Chiefs' facility where he found coach Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli and thanked them personally for taking a chance on a guy who was undrafted, a player from a small college who they'd called up and offered a free agent contract several years ago.

That thank-you doesn't sound dark or twisted. It sounds like the last act of a man who was heartsick, struggling. Kissing the woman he loved after killing her, apologizing, those too sound like the acts of a man who was less depraved, more depressed.

What happened in Kansas City may have been the act of one very troubled man, but sadly, it can happen again, anywhere, any time. Because what happened isn't simply the act of one monster. It's what happens sometimes with good people who have lost their way.

Jovan Belcher may have been a monster. Then again, he may simply have been a good-hearted man who went off the deep end. Sadly, his little girl will have to live with the consequences of his actions either way.

What do you think of this tragedy in Kansas City? Is Jovan Belcher a monster?


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tbruc... tbrucemom

I think this is a prime example of "temporary insanity". He was arguing with his GF, she possibly has postpartum depression, he's seeing someone on the side, etc. I'm sure he immediately wished he hadn't done it and just walked away. Once he killed her though he knew he'd spend the rest of his life in prison or be executed so he felt there wasn't any reason to live. It's sad and needless. They could have just went their own ways and parented their daughter separately but at least they'd be alive and she wouldn't be an orphan.

johni... johnie_carney

very sad situation. we can call this man whatever we want but in the eyes of his family they will remember him as the man they knew. i hope they paint him as a good man to that little girl. she will have enough problems dealing with this with out thinking a part of herself if a monster

Flori... Floridamom96

Why on earth would anyone feel the need to detract from the horror of the mother who was shot 9 times? Yes, he was a monster and the focus should be on the actual victim here, not her murderer! This article is just disgusting!angry

mybab... mybabybugssmile

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Agree with Floridamom96^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   

Michelle Stringfield Adcox

Very well said Jeanne. People are so ready to label and situation before knowing the complete story. 


Flori... Floridamom96

The complete story is that he shot the mother of his infant daughter 9 times killing her. If that does not eclipse everything else for you then you seriously need to reexamine your own character, because something critical is lacking.

nonmember avatar kaerae

@Floridamom- Hey, we actually agree on something ;) It's unbelievable how much slack people are willing to give a murderer because he happens to be good at carrying a ball across a line. If he were a plumber, there'd be calls to spit on his grave and maybe we'd get pictures of the victims, rather than of the murderer in all his glory...truly sick!

Sarah Todrick

The amount of brain injury in pro football players is appalling, and can lead to serious, serious brain damage. I truly find it unlikely that this man was in any way well. It is a tragedy, to be sure. But as of right now,we have no way of knowing if he was in control of his actions.  Brain damage caused from football can lead to early-onset dementia, memory issues, depression, mood swings and other serious, serious health issues, sometimes leading to suicide.

There was also an article in the last Reader's Digest about this, “Breaking up with Football” by Patrick Hruby. I can't find the link, but here are a couple of others that discuss the medical side of it:

Of course, we won't know anything until there's an autopsy done. But until we know whether this man was in his right mind,  a "monster" would be the last thing I'd call him.

Flori... Floridamom96

And what would call the woman he murdered? Or does she not matter at all? We know he pulled the trigger. We know he took his girlfriend's life, using extreme violence. It is not football's fault he murdered the mother of his child anymore than it's the gun's fault. It is the sole responsibility of the person who pulled the trigger, Jovan Belcher.

Nellie Athome

"Kissing the woman he loved after killing her, apologizing, those too sound like the acts of a man who was less depraved, more depressed." ---- Yes we can ignore the fact he apologized and kissed her, no it does not sound like the act of a depressed man - apologizing after the fact is classic abuser behavior. SHE is the victim. There is NO EXCUSE for his behavior. He killed himself simply because he recognized he had screwed his own life over beyond redemption.

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