NBA Star Steve Nash in Custody Fight to Ban His Kids From Living Near Him -- What?!

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Steve Nash

There's a very unusual custody battle brewing between LA Laker Steve Nash and his ex-wife Alejandra over keeping her and her three kids FARTHER away from him. Yes, you read right. This is definitely a new one. The story begs more questions than answers right now, but all we know is that both sides have lawyered up over Alejandra's attempt to move to California with their children. They have three kids together, 8-year-old twins Lola and Bella, and 2-year-old Matteo, who with all hope are being protected from all this nastiness because how in the world do you explain to kids that age that their daddy doesn't want them to live in the same state as he does.

TMZ, which broke this story, says that child support might be a big factor here -- Nash would have to pay tons more to his ex-wife if she was in California rather than Arizona. But you know what? Who the heck cares! Even if he had to empty his bank account each month (which I highly doubt is the case), you can't put a price on time spent with your kids. It's more valuable than all the money in the world. To me this is a no-brainer, but there is obviously a lot more going on here than meets the eye.

It's easy to judge these two parents from such a remote vantage point, knowing nothing about them, their relationship, their divorce or the other logistics involved. This probably isn't about his love for his kids and more about the money and principle -- isn't it always?

But good luck explaining all that to the kids who just love and want their parents. Matteo is probably too little to absorb all that is going on (remember how Steve Nash announced his birth the same time he announced his pending divorce?) but the twins are old enough to totally grasp what is happening here. Hopefully Alejandra has the good sense and decency not to "twist" Nash's legal actions into a "your Daddy doesn't love you that much" thing that will damage their relationship with him. I can't imagine even the most jilted, wronged wife in the world would ever want that.

Why would compel Steve Nash to fight to keep his children out of Los Angeles?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

you said it yourself - money. it's all about the benjamins, baby ... which he'd have less of in california vs arizona. is it right? nope, not at all. and i would hope that no real parent could ever relate to this, because i'd hope your kids mean more to you than your money!

Nellie Athome

Nash wants his kids to live in AZ and he visits them often, it is less than an hour by plane. He prefers to not uproot  the kids just because he was traded or to disrupt the older kids by placing them in a new school away from friends they have had their entire lives.. If ex-wife is pushing to go to CA it is because she wants more money or LA glamor but she is not thinking about the best interests of the older kids. AZ or CA, the kids are not going to see Nash any more than they do now. He has the kids best interests at heart, not his ex

purpl... purple_creeper

Agree with Nellie. So when they were married it didnt matter where they live, vut now that there is a money difference she decidea to move?? Riiiggghhtt!!

Randy Watkins

This is about the mother and his wallet. You want to talk mob politics this one of the biggest one on the planet. She is the victimized woman and he is the abuser.

nonmember avatar rebecca

i can think of several reasons. Wanting stability for your children. How long have they lived in arizona? are their friends and school there. Plus LA can be hard on famous peoples kids. can you say paparazzi? Never mind the bad influences of other rich kids.

nonmember avatar A

Steve Nash is a great dad, anyone who ever saw him interact with his kids in AZ knows that. He only wants to play for 3 more years and retire. His life and his kids' lives are in AZ. If I am remembering correctly, the plan was for him to play 3 more years, and move back to AZ. WHY uproot kids from their home, their lives, their schools and their friends, let them make all new ones and a few years later, tear them from that to bring them back? I would be willing to bet he just doesnt want to uproot them and to make it easier on them. He picked the lakers so he'd be closer to him, he can fly home anytime he wants in less than an hour.

Zuck You

California has ridiculous child custody laws on the books. While I fully support child support, California takes it to the extreme all while they do next to nothing about deadbeat dads who don't pay any support and aren't in the public eye.

Brandon Burton

Being in the NBA he isnt even home at least 50% of the season. His home is still in Arizona. Why would she want to uproot her family from their real home? He will probably play 1 maybe two years in LA. He's not wrong for doing this, actually quite the opposite.

nonmember avatar Kelli

It doesn't matter where she lives, the court case remains in the state and county in which it was started. You don't automatically get more money because you come to CA. Where is she originally from? Maybe going to CA IS coming home? Paparazzi are EVERYWHERE, coming to CA does not suddenly open you up to them either, and quite frankly, they are after the movie stars mostly, not the NBA. People should stay out of other peoples custody fights, especially when you have no idea what is really going on with it. Would we even know there is a fight ongoing, if someone hadn't gotten into court records they had no reason to research? This is getting so TIRED!

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