Beckham's Farewell Game Promises Tears & A Spectacular Victoria Outfit (VIDEO)

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David Beckham

Even if you've never watched professional soccer a day in your life, you might want to turn on the TV today to watch David Beckham play in his last game for the L.A. Galaxy? Why? Because what David Beckham did for soccer in America since he joined the team in 2007 is epic, folks. Plus, even though he says he's not retiring, who knows. What if this was his last pro game ever and you missed it? And this, a championship game? You'd never forgive yourself. But even if you're not a sports fan, there are plenty of other reasons not to miss this game.

Here's one: Victoria Beckham's clothes. You just know she's been planning her outfit for weeks. She'll be positively dressed to kill, along with adorable Harper Seven and the whole handsome brood. Everyone is going to be talking about that long after the last goal hits net.

But there is no doubt that most all eyes will be on Beckham throughout the whole game, so there's a good chance he's going to push the throttle into overdrive and dazzle us with some pretty stunning moves. Followed by what I'm sure is going to lots of tear-jerking moments, when his teammates swarm and envelop #23 the legend, with the impeccably dressed Victoria and the kids following onto the field ... Oh I can feel my eyes welling up already.

The game against the Houston Dynamo airs at 4:30 p.m. ET (1 p.m. PT) on ESPN and Eurovision cable channels. Watch this to get pumped up:

What will you miss most about David Beckham?


Image via The LAGalaxy/YouTube



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Believe it not I will be able to forgive myself. It means nothing to me. I'll be watching an SVU marathon.

tuffy... tuffymama

Soccer. *snort*

The only sports I watch are golf and horse racing. But I will be looking for pics of Posh's ensemble. Girl can cut glass with her sharp sense of style.

baham... bahamamama61

Love those Beckhams! :)

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