Hope Solo's Husband in Jail Again -- And Yes, She's Still Standing by Him

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hope soloIf you thought perhaps Hope Solo's new husband, Jerammy Stevens' legal woes may have blown over by now, think again! In fact, they only seem to be getting worse. Jerramy has been arrested again in Tampa, Florida after violating his probation from an October 2010 arrest for marijuana possession. Apparently, the violation resulted from the NFL player's November 12 alleged fourth-degree assault (for which charges were dropped) on then-fiancee Hope. And as the craaaaazy story goes, the two were hitched the next day. So bizarre, right?

So now, although Hope's new hubby is in jail and a bond has not yet been set, the U.S. women's soccer star seems to want the world to know that it's the media that's screwed up.

She told Larry Brown Sports:

It's unfortunate what the media can do to really judge before the facts are out there. It's hard to see, but it's a hard truth and it's part of life. I'm happy. I'm happily married. We never stand for domestic violence. I've never been hit in my life. It's unfortunate, and that's what the media can do.

And if that weren't enough, she also tweeted:

I feel bad for all the ignorance in the world. People are so quick to judge. The media spins stories in such dramatic fashion. I will continue to show love, and never make judgments. I am blessed w True Love & the beautiful game of soccer. I wish everybody the same happiness.

So, let's get this straight ... It sounds like Hope is rolling her eyes at anyone who thinks there might be a real problem here with the guy she chose to marry. She's laughing off these domestic abuse charges. And well, all right, the Washington state judge who handled Jerramy's hearing found no probable cause related to those charges, so maybe the media is making a lot of brouhaha over nothing. Maybe they really are blissfully happy, and this is all stemming from a complete misunderstanding or an unfortunate series of events? 

As much as I'd like to give Hope the benefit of the doubt, I also wonder if she's being overly defensive about her husband and their new marriage. And it's so hard to believe that there's all this smoke without any fire of which to speak. At the very least, seems like Jerramy's got some baggage from his past that is now wreaking havoc on his -- and Hope's -- present. Fingers crossed, for their career's sake, that they get their act together and show (instead of tell) us that there's really nothing to worry about. 

What do you make of Hope's new husband's latest arrest? Do you believe her?

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kelti... kelticmom

Wait a minute, "I've never been hit in my life"? Didn't she claim in her book that Maks slapped her and was abusive on DWTS? What a liar.

hello... hellokd87

That's right, kelticmom! She said he was rough with her, yelled at her and slapped her when she didn't do the steps right or when she forgot the moves.

nonmember avatar Soccer Fan

Although I am a big soccer fan of hers, and respect what she's done as a great soccer ambassador, this woman is completely delusional about her "bad boy" husband. Why-the-heck "good girls" go for "bad boys" is beyond me Read her husband's Wikipedia entry:
1998: assault, stomping on a man's face
1998: drugging, anal rape of young college student
2001: hit-and-run drunk driving of a nursing home
and it goes on and on....
2012: assaults Hope Solo, so she does the only sensible thing a "good girl" does with a "bad boy": she marries him.

Dennis Boylon

She has a point. No charges came and he is in jail because of it. This is how the prison industrial complex works. They have to fork over money for court fees, legal fees, prison fees, loss of income, Attorney fees. This is how people are destroyed in America. There is no justice anymore. They get you in on for smoking marijuana and you become a criminal for life. Whether they proved you did anything or not. It is way we have a larger percentage of people in prison then Stalin did. We are the new USSA.

Dick Peters

Awwwwww! Poor drama queen Hope! Feel pretty bad for her and her druggie, loser husband. At least she gets her name in the news again. That's what she lives for.

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