Female Basketball Star's Arrest Shows Domestic Violence Isn't Just a Guy Crime

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Chamique HoldsclawWhen you hear about domestic violence, it's not usually a woman who's on the offender end of the situation. But this time, the alleged offender is not only a woman, but she's a woman who should be a role model for girls everywhere. On Thursday evening, former WNBA player Chamique Holdsclaw was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault for allegedly bashing in the windows of her ex-girlfriend's SUV with a baseball bat -- and then shooting at the car with a gun. Holy crap.

WNBA player Jennifer Lacy told the police she'd been working out when Holdsclaw, her ex, came and asked if she could put some things in her car. Soon after she let her, Lacy noticed her car smelled like gasoline and that Holdsclaw was following her. Eek! When she pulled over at a friend's house, things got really scary.

At the friend's house, Holdsclaw allegedly got out of her own car and came over to Lacy's Range Rover with a baseball bat. She smashed the driver's window, the rear passenger window, and the back window before pulling out a handgun and firing it inside the car. Thankfully, Lacy, a player for the Tulsa Shock, was uninjured.

What could have possibly happened that made Holdsclaw snap like that? And in such a terrifying way? It's true that women do commit horrific acts of violence, but it's always shocking when they do. Heck, even on Criminal Minds, it's wacky when the unsub is a woman. We just aren't as often the perpetrators.

Holdsclaw's autobiography, Breaking Through: Beating the Odds Shot After Shot, was published in March of this year. In it, she talks about her battle with depression and how it impacted her career as a professional athlete. She's had a hard road, and managed to be an inspiration to girls, proof that you can succeed and achieve your dreams if you work hard and believe. But this is a tragic fall, and not at all the kind of behavior you'd expect from a woman who's come so far and achieved so much. Especially one that's been in the public eye for so long.

I wish I could give Lacy a hug. I'm sure it's absolutely terrifying to have someone you once loved start smashing your car -- while you're in it! -- with a baseball bat before pulling a gun. Even if you walk away from an incident like that without any physical injuries, you are sure to be emotionally scarred for life.

What do you think about women who turn violent on their current or former partners?


Image via Fulton County Sheriff

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Autum... Autumnjean26

This chick just looks crazy and MEAN!!!!!!!!

AliNo... AliNoelle

Women are the perpetrators more than you think. It just goes unreported.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I think it's pathetic that there aren't a bunch of people on here screaming for her head. If the name was Chris Brown, you can BET this board would be lit up condemning the violent one. But because it's a woman...

Domestic violence does not discriminate. We need to hold BOTH sexes responsible. (not saying that you're not, Jennifer) Just because a woman, she shouldn't get a pass for depression or anything else - any more than a man would.

growi... growing3kids

All of us as women have been oppressed since the dawn of time, one of us decides to fight back after years of oppression and we wind up in Jail.  Pathetic.

nonmember avatar caitlin


Did you read the article? The abused partner was also female. It was most certainly not an act of self-defense. Women CAN be violent with motives other than self-defense. There's tons of research demonstrating that.

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