Hope Solo Marries Jerramy Stevens a Few Hours After His Release From Jail

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Hope SoloUm -- WTF? Just a few hours after he was released from jail after his arrest for fourth-degree assault, former NFL player Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo got married -- leaving all of us wondering just what in the hell she was thinking by agreeing to marry this dude after what went down on Monday night.

The details are still pretty sketchy -- but basically a party the couple attended got very out-of-hand, and Hope wound up bloody with a laceration on her elbow, her brother Marcus Solo wound up beaten and bruised, and Jerramy -- well, cops found him "asleep" on the bedroom floor with blood on his cheek and shirt. And oh yeah, one more thing, he told police that he and Hope were arguing earlier about where they were going to live when they got hitched. (And then she turned up bloody. Hmm.)

Stevens was released from jail due to lack of evidence, and most people figured maybe Hope would take his arrest as a sign that she needed to break things off with him for good, or at least take a deep breath and think about whether or not this was really the person she wanted to marry.

But apparently she had her mind made up, because as of this morning, she's officially Mrs. Jerramy Stevens.

And I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one who smells a major disaster brewing as a result of her decision to go ahead with the wedding. Seriously, what on earth was she thinking?!?

Most women would literally run for the hills if their fiance was arrested for assault, so why was she in such a hurry to marry him a mere HOURS after he got out of the slammer? (I hope he at least had time to shower before the ceremony. Gross.)

I'm gonna go ahead and make a prediction here -- this marriage won't last more than two months. Hope and Jerramy dated for two months and got married only a few hours after his release, which is why I'm picking two as the magic number here. (And that's probably being pretty generous.)

Yep, Hope's really going to regret this move. For sure.

How long do you think Hope and Jerramy will last?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Megan Lee

Ayy! Someone's taking Rihanna's advice, I see!

worki... workingmama86

Sounds like a typical battered wife. She could be terrified for her life, so to make up for the HUGE scene caused Monday night (that he's probably blaming her for), she agrees to marry him... Just seems fishy to me! 

Doris Storlien

Someone is going to turn up badly beaten or dead withint 2 months.


Ginny Peluso

I think she`s an arrogant bitchie woman with a big chip on her shoulder and she deserves to be miserable. Like attracts like so I`m sure they`re a match made in he.....well somewhere.

Trish Rawlings

After all her trash talk, she seems to think she knows everything about everything.  If she thinks that he will change then she is in for a rude awakening.  They NEVER CHANGE!!                                                       confusedblank stare

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