Lance Armstrong Livestrong Charity Will Survive Without Him But Shouldn't Have To

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Livestrong braceletLance Armstrong is stepping down as chairman of his Livestrong charity, strong-armed out by the media. According to a statement posted by the group's website, he says: 

I have had the great honor of serving as this foundation's chairman for the last five years and its mission and success are my top priorities. Today therefore, to spare the foundation any negative effects as a result of controversy surrounding my cycling career, I will conclude my chairmanship.

Within 10 minutes of this official announcement, Nike announced that it was terminating its contract with Lance Armstrong due to the insurmountable evidence that he may, in fact, have doped while racing. If it’s true, so much for cheaters never win.

Lance Armstrong is a sinking ship of doping scandal and no one wants to touch him with a 10-foot pole. It makes total sense that Nike would sever ties with him -- as an athlete. Thankfully, they have agreed to continue to support Livestrong.

It’s hard to separate Lance Armstrong, the man, from the athlete -- but it has to be done so as not to soil the good name of the Livestrong foundation, which has been more successful than anyone could have predicted. Personally, I think it's commendable that Armstrong is putting his charity above his own ego here.

I do think it's sad that he has been forced out by the media. Obviously if he was doping, that was cheating -- but what he's done for cancer research is above reproach.

Armstrong has used his celebrity status to raise close to $500 million for the Livestrong charity and to help improve the quality of life for countless cancer patients. I, honestly, don't see what the doping charges have to do with what Lance Armstrong is doing with Livestrong? If someone makes a mistake in life, does that condemn him or her to a lifetime unable to do good in the world? Where is the forgiveness and redemption? This is just one more casualty of the Lance Armstrong witch-hunt.

Do you think it's sad that Lance Armstrong was forced out of his leadership role with Livestrong?

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nonmember avatar adam

IMO going after armstrong post retirement is both unneccesary and doesn't change how he put cycling on the map in the US. Now following the PC POV, well he cheated so: the writer said it best, he helped raise half a billion dollars for charity. Apparently doping allegations are so so so horrible, that the accused shouldnt be allowed to do things that actually help better peoples LIVES.

Amy Creason

Also, there is no actual evidence of him being on drugs during his career. His awards were revoked this year after he stopped fighting the system. There has never been an "innocent until proven guilty" attitude about his case. This is all to "set an example" to future athletes all at the cost of Lance Armstrong's dignity.

italg... italgrkgoddess

How can anyone say there is no evidence?  Get your head out of the sand and read the report.  The evidence is the most damning off all is that they have over a dozen people who witnessed him doping during the race.  They were able to pass drug test during the race becuase of two reasons:

1) the testing they do on the race does NOT test for PED's, but traditional steroids which no one takes anymore.

2) there are masking agents that cover up that you are doping.  it's an additonal substance you put into your body that covers your doping by making it seem to not be there (it tricks the test)

I for one am glad they made him step down from his "charity".  Did anyone know his charity is being investigated for fraud as well?  That the money people donated did not go to cancer research?  It's wy his charities official stance is no longer that the money goes to cancer research but instead to cancer awareness.  Huh?  I guess people aren't aware that cancer exists.

The man is deplorable and the only victims here are the thousands of people who believed in him and looked to him for inspiration while battling cancer.  It's so sad that he allowed that to happen and profit from it. They found out now that he is a fraud and a cheater.

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