Tim Tebow Plays Game 666 & Even the Bible Couldn’t Save Him


Tim Tebow

Oh man, if you're at all superstitious about bad omens and other dark and destructive forces, then you'll feel just as freaked out about Tim Tebow playing the 666th game of Monday Night Football last night as he did. Yes -- 666 -- as in the number that Satan is associated with. As in the number nobody who's remotely faithful wants to ever get anywhere near at any point in time for fear of their soul disappearing forever (or something equally as evil and tragic).

And poor Tim must have been pretty wary about running out onto that field last night to battle the Houston Texans, because he tweeted and Facebooked the following message as a precaution:

Looking forward to giving God all the glory in tonight's 666th Monday Night Football game. Romans 8:37-39

Aww! He literally wore that Bible verse as armor to protect him from any sort of harm during the game. And before you go making fun of him for being kind of nervous about the number 666 looming over last night's game -- let me come to his defense a bit.

Because I'm nowhere near as super-religious as Tebow, and I avoid the number 666 at all costs. Maybe watching The Exorcist as a kid scarred me for life and I've been wary of anything relating to Satan since. Or maybe I believe in God enough to know that the evil of the Devil is very real and powerful too. Or maybe I'm just superstitious in general and don't want to take any chances with a number that many people believe to be cursed.

Whatever the case, I totally get why Tebow felt the need to put out the extra effort to protect himself from the possibility of something bad happening on that field.

But while that tweet may have prevented any actual harm coming to Tebow himself, it didn't really do any extra good for the Jets. They lost to the Texans, 23 to 17. Oh well, I guess sometimes we can't really explain why our prayers go unanswered.

Are you superstitious about the number 666? What other things are you superstitious about?


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BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

Our zip code in Miami was 33176.  My mother refused to use it because it was too easily transformed to '666', so we ALL used a different, nearby zip code on all of our mail.  So, yes, a little superstitious about it. :)

I recently purchased something at a convenience store and the total was $6.66.  The clerk raised her eyebrow when she told me the total and as I was reaching for it, she suggested that I buy a pack of gum. :)

bills... billsfan1104

Hahhahahha Bubbs. I would of bought a pack of gum. If the 666 sign pops up, i make a sign of the cross on it. I am a little superstitious on it.

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