Emotional Military Family Reunion at Football Game Has Everyone Bawling (VIDEO)

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military homecomingWho doesn't love a military homecoming? No one! Now, who doesn't love a military homecoming -- at a football game? Five members of the incredibly cute Faile family from Kershaw, South Carolina, were at a Gamecocks game a few days ago. And they were the Columbia Metropolitan Airport Military Family of the Game, set to be recognized on the field.

While they were on the field, cheering and being generally adorable, they got a surprise. A great surprise! A message from their dad/husband, Sergeant First Class Scott Faile, came on the video board.

But then, as you may be suspecting, they got an even bigger surprise. And it's awesome.

If that didn't give you a nice warm, fuzzy feeling inside, not sure what will, m'friend. And you must admit, the reunion was made all the more exciting by the fact that they ran -- no, sprinted -- to their dad in front of thousands of screaming fans.

In a word: Awesome. Though I hope the Faile family -- or anyone at that game -- doesn't think they're ever going to see a game that invigorating any time again soon. This is one for the highlights reel if we've ever seen it.

How great is this? What's the best military homecoming you've ever seen?


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e.nic... e.nicole.w

Ok so this completely had me in tears. This is amazing! I still think my favorite military homecoming video though is of the little girl that asks Santa for her Dad to come home for Christmas and then he walks in. Her little face is adorable and then you can tell it just hits her that he's really there and she says, "Daddy I missed you." OMG...breaks my heart every time!

bills... billsfan1104

That was one of the best ones I saw.

jalaz77 jalaz77


Donna Young Tunstill

Very special! This family is from Kershaw, SC. A small town with close family & friends. What an honor for this family.

Venae Venae

I just love the doggies who miss their soldiers.  Unconditional love!

bills... billsfan1104

Venae I love those too

Maia Pappas Newton

I'm bawling! EVERY coming home video is the best one that I've ever seen!

Brittany Scarlett Beach

I found it funny that the mom was trying to get there first, kind of like she was holding the daughter back. Such a sweet moment, wish I could hear it more clearly. PROUD OF MY DAD!

Kyra Hettinger

My favorite military homecoming was our own. My husband was deployed for Desert Storm, and came home to meet our son for the first time.

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