David Beckham Dotes on Baby Harper Making Him the Hottest 'Soccer Dad' Ever (PHOTO)

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David Beckham and HarperIf you're one of the millions of women who isn't afraid to admit you have the hots for David Beckham, then his latest display of pure awesomeness will make you want to shout your adoration from the rooftops. And this time, he didn't even have to take his shirt off on the soccer field to make our hearts skip a beat.

Nope -- David was spotted with baby Harper cheering on his boys at their recent soccer game, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a teensy bit turned on by the image of him being a doting dad to his baby girl. (OMG. Could he get any hotter? I think I need a cold shower.)

As he cuddled little Harper on his lap, the athlete side of him definitely kicked in, as he appeared to be pointing out what was going on during the game and trying to explain things to her. Well, either that or he was simply making sure she could pick her big brothers out of the crowd of players on the field. (Whatever -- who cares what he was doing? He's adorable with that baby, bottom line.) And it definitely looks like Harper has her daddy wrapped around her little finger -- though I highly doubt he minds one bit.

David may be an amazing athlete and a tough guy on the field, but seeing how attentive and loving he is to his precious little girl proves he's a softie at heart for sure. (If only he could manage to get Victoria Beckham to crack a smile once in a while. Seriously, I'd have perma-grin if I were married to this dude.)

Do you love David even more after seeing him with little Harper?


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MIA0223 MIA0223

Am I the only one weirded out by this article?

Seriosly, you get turned on seeing a man hold a baby??? Weird!

GlowW... GlowWorm889

Not really. A lot of women enjoy seeing men hold babies. Shows a softer side. Not to mention it's just adorable. It's a very common turn-on. I'm sure there's some primordial, cave-woman explanation, but I don't have it. :P

Tim Baxter

idk if "turned on" would be appropriate...but then again i'm a guy...biologically speaking...it makes total sense...the man protects and provides...and we are evolving as a society where the man can actually Nurture without being looked at as less than..I think its awesome..


MIA0223 MIA0223

I just see it as a father doing what he should.

I see nothing to make a big deal about.

An involved father should be the normal thing, not news worthy!

GlowW... GlowWorm889

That's true and I agree whole-heartedly, but we unfortunately live in a society where involved, loving fathers are still something novel. Even though a good chunk of fathers are involved and loving, society still lives in the 1950's. Dad is supposed to be the bumbling disciplinarian, not someone on the super-Mom level. The articles on The Stir prove that quite well. There are a lot of articles on here that assert Dads as "less than able" to do the things Moms can, including diaper changing, frosting cupcakes, and even putting a baby in a sling. Which I find totally bogus, especially since there are quite a few Dads who post and comment on CafeMom.

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