Let's Watch 6 Tough Guy Athletes Cry Like Babies (VIDEOS)

Brett Favre
It's okay, Brett, you get to make this speech a dozen more times
We have a vision of male athletes being these strong, tough, buff, ridiculously manly badasses. Their job is to win and they're supposed to take no prisoners. They don't have time to deal with that tiny little other aspect of life called emotion. Please.

(You knew there was a "but" coming.) But, there are times when athletes break this stereotype and help us to remember that they're just human beings too. They're prone to sadness, anger, frustration, and yes, even tears. There's something about seeing an athlete who's usually so stoic and tough break down and show his vulnerability. At times it can be really sweet!

So we rounded up some of the best videos that feature athletes crying like babies. Hey, I mean, why not. Enjoy! And give the big tough man in your life a hug while you're at it.


Here's a recent one of NBA player Derrick Rose breaking down while he discusses his rehabilitation. It's actually really touching to see the Chicago Bulls star become so affected by everything he's gone through:

So the tears didn't necessarily flow for Peyton Manning when he announced he was leaving the Indianapolis Colts. But it had to be tough to leave a town and team that he loved so dearly:

Here's hockey legend Wayne Gretzky talking and sobbing about his trade to the LA Kings. Poor guy. Wow, I guess it goes to show that even hockey players cry!

This one might not be so touching in retrospect. Here's Brett Favre announcing one of his 8,000 retirements:

LaDainian Tomlinson getting cut by the San Diego Charges was an emotional time for him, which he clearly demonstrates during this heartfelt press conference:

Now this one's a classic. Mike Schmidt announces his retirement after 17 years of playing baseball. Can definitely feel the love he has for playing this game:

What do you think about athletes crying during press conferences?


Image via hassaholic/YouTube

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