Baseball Pitcher Almost Dies After Line Drive Nails Him in the Head (VIDEO)


Bradon McCarthyHoly Toledo -- have you seen the video of Oakland A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy getting hit in the head with a line drive during the game against the Los Angeles Angels the other day?! I mean -- everyone has mishaps on the job from time to time, but this incident took the meaning of "major headache" to an entirely different level.

During the fourth inning, batter Erick Aybar took a swing and hit the line drive, which literally nailed McCarthy right in the head. And after watching the clip, it's hard to imagine just how shocked and worried fans and the players in the game that day must have been after seeing him fall to the ground.

Here's the video -- it'll definitely make you wince!

OUCH!! Can you believe how hard that ball nailed him? Poor guy. It's pretty amazing that McCarthy didn't fall unconscious after being struck, and he actually was able to get up and walk off the field. (How in the heck?)

And while as of this weekend he is awake and alert -- so much so that he's even been tweeting out messages of reassurance to fans -- he still has a ways to go to recover from surgery for a skull fracture, brain contusion, and epidural hemorrhage caused by the hit.

Wow. Did he get lucky or what? Somebody upstairs was watching out for this dude, all right.

Are you surprised that Brandon McCarthy is going to be ok after seeing what happened?


Image via Thearon W. Henderson/Getty

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tecsa... tecsabates

Wow....just wow.  Amazing he wasn't knocked out!  Scary.  He is one lucky man, and hopefully that luck stays with him through his recovery....

aviat... aviatioNation

I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Meghan 'Root' Kowalik

Blegh, that happened to be when I was 13 years old- granted, it was only little girl's softball, but I was only about 10 feet from the batter since I was just lobbing easy pitches at the batter in order to warm up the infield.  It did knock me out, and I have a bone chip in my cheek bone to this day.  Glad he's recovering well from what could've been a really serious injury!


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