David Beckham Affair Rumors Aren't Totally Impossible to Believe (VIDEO)

Victoria and David BeckhamOut of all of the crazy rumors you'd expect to hear, reports of David Beckham having an affair with former Dancing With the Stars cast member Katherine Jenkins have got to be the most unimaginable yet. Because the bottom line is that absolutely no one wants to think for one second that a man as well respected as David would go and cheat on Victoria Beckham and throw away the perfect family he has with her and their four kids.

When it comes to being the ideal guy, David's the whole package. He's an accomplished athlete, devoted husband, wonderful and attentive father, and he's got to be one of the best looking men in the world. (Huh. I guess it's easy to see why other women would be interested in him.)


OMG. Can you even imagine for one second how horrible it's going to be if there is any shred of truth to these rumors? Because as hard as it is to picture David being careless and unfaithful, I guess it's not totally impossible that he and Katherine had some sort of encounter. And if by some chance more did go on between them than they're willing to admit, Beckham's fans are going to be absolutely devastated.

Yes, David is an incredible soccer player. But the fact that he's a family man who really seems to have all of his priorities in line is what really draws people to him, and makes them appreciate his game even more. If somehow the Katherine Jenkins affair rumors prove to be true, he'll basically go from hero to fraud overnight, which is honestly just too much for fans to take given how much cheating goes on between high profile couples these days. (Stuff like this just doesn't happen to the Beckhams!)

But hopefully the claims will disappear just as suddenly as they arrived, and David Beckham fans can breathe a huge sigh of relief and go back to cheering him on for the decent man everyone believes he is.

To hear more about David and Katherine's alleged affair, check out this video clip.

Do you think David could have possibly cheated?


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