Family of Dead Diver Blames the Husband (VIDEO)

Rebecca WeissRebecca Weiss, by all accounts, was an adventurer and explorer, but one of her main loves was free diving. At 50, she was a strong swimmer and loved the water, so how did she drown off the coast of California while reportedly on a simple snorkeling trip? This is the question her family is trying to answer.

She was missing for one week since August 11 when her husband, Alan Weiss, said she went to the beach alone. He said he found her car and dive bag at the beach, but could not find her.

The fact is, she was an experienced diver and an incredible swimmer, so the likelihood that she could have died in the water seems to not be sitting well with her family. See below:

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Obviously, Weiss is deeply loved by her family and maybe they know something we don't. But even her mother said she never saw any issues in their marriage, so it seems very odd that they are planting the seed of doubt in the media's mind.

Understandably, they have lost a beloved family member and my heart goes out to them. But they must understand that any athlete can have a bad day. Even Michael Phelps might struggle under the weight of a particularly large wave or a bad muscle cramp.

Even Olympic athletes are not immune to bad days and muscle cramps and issues in the water and beyond, so why is it such a stretch to imagine that these things could have happened to Weiss?

Her family may be right. This might be a suspicious death. But it seems premature to put this idea out there and make the media turn scrutiny on the husband who, by all accounts, was not a bad husband to her before this tragedy.

Even as her family makes their suspicions known, authorities are downplaying them. This is likely just a tragic, tragic accident and they describe the husband as "very cooperative."

No one is invincible. Not even excellent athletes. Still, the family is suffering greatly and their tragedy is horrific and terribly sad. It makes sense why they might question it all.

Do you think the family has a point?





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sofia... sofia0587

There are many things that could have gone wrong in the water she could have had an aneurysm or stroke, not saying that the killer husband thing isn't also a possibility.

ghost... ghostbaby

i think sometimes people want someone to blame. they need to feel like someone should be held accountable.

bills... billsfan1104

I thought one of the rules of diving was to always have a partner?

Maevelyn Maevelyn

Idk if anything bad happened to her but the odds of a confident swimmer going out alone and drowning are a hell of a lot better than a poor swimmer deciding to go out alone (unless they plan to die.) I'd be curious if she was in the habit of swimming/diving alone. 

Misty... Misty.Dawn

i agree with ghostbaby. Sometimes they just need someone, ANYONE, to blame. She couldve stopped at a gas station & told the person working that she was going alone & someone would blame him bcus he let her go without a buddy. Blaming someone living is easier than blaming the person who died. But on the other hand, the killer husband isnt a far off stretch :/ a number of things couldve happened to her

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