Chad Johnson's Silence on Domestic Assault Makes Him Look Guilty (VIDEO)

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Chad Johnson & Evelyn LozadaNow that Evelyn Lozada has filed for divorce from Chad Johnson, the details of what really happened between them seem to be getting more and more clear. And unfortunately for Chad, Evelyn is definitely shaping up to be the more believable party in their altercation, especially since she released a statement saying that she's disappointed in him for not taking responsibility for his actions in an effort to speak out against domestic violence.

In a nutshell, she's mad that he won't own up to headbutting her intentionally. And while no one really knows what happened during the incident other than Evelyn and Chad, the fact that he has failed to issue an apology and has remained totally quiet about his arrest makes him look even more guilty.

If the headbutting was indeed an accident, you'd think that he'd get down on his knees and beg for her forgiveness and apologize profusely for letting things get out of hand. And oh yeah, then there's that receipt for condoms that Evelyn supposedly found which prompted the fight in the first place. I'd say he owes her a bit of an explanation for that too.

It's such a shame that someone who had everything going for him has now lost his career with the Miami Dolphins, his wife, and ultimately his dignity. Heck, he actually seems way more upset about being cut from the Dolphins than the downfall of his marriage. And when and if he does decide to be a man and speak up about what went down with Evelyn, I'm guessing his words will be too little, too late.

You can hear more of Evelyn Lozada's statement in this video clip.

Do you think Chad really headbutted her on purpose?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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jinxmom jinxmom

idk but two wrongs don't make a right. She knew what he was about be4 she married him and to get bent out of shape over a box of condoms....smh idk what happened but they both could of handled this better.  The way she handled herself on BW doesn't present her in good light either, they both have some growing up to do. [sigh]

nonmember avatar christina

Don't lawyers usually advise against speaking out about a crime you have been accused of? I don't think not issuing a statement makes him look guilty and even if he did headbutt her on purpose I highly doubt evelyn was innocent she has a tendency for violence herself.

bills... billsfan1104

He owes her an apology noone else. He can choose to do it in private if he want. He has been fired from two jobs this week. Give him a damn chance.

Justa... Justamom283

Chad lost any dignity he had long ago thus latest incident didn't do it.

Pinst... Pinstripes4

He made a public apology this morning on his website.

"I would like to apologize to everyone for the recent events that have occurred. I would like to wish Evelyn well and will never say anything bad about her because I truly love her to death. I will continue to be positive and train hard for another opportunity in the NFL. To all the fans and supporters I have disappointed, you have my sincerest apologies. I will stay positive and get through this tough period in my life."

tbruc... tbrucemom

I saw her on Basketball Wives and she was very violent. Also, headbutting to me is a defensive move, she very well may have attacked him first.  I think she should have asked him for an explanation first about the condoms, which maybe she did, I haven't heard. I'm not defending him at all, I just think there's two sides to this story. Bottom line is they both knew what they were getting into.  She's a golddigger and he's a player, they deserved each other.

Snark... Snarkymom

Chad has a history of DV, so these two volatile people were headed for a violent confrontation.  Boy, I wish he had really considered all he had to lose before he reacted

Deborah Quiocho

Boy that's really calling the KETTLE BLACK = What gives Evelyn Lozado the right to hit women on her Reality show and be ok and yet headbutt maybe accidental ??? is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ?????

nonmember avatar Don

Evelyn Lozado has no credibility. As a reality star who has built a brand based on being in your face tough the question is when does her television persona end and the real Evelyn begin. i suspect the two are not so far apart and her rough side surfaced when she found the condoms in Chads car. Hell hath no fury...

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