Hope Solo Loses Big-Time in Twitter Fight With NBC Announcer Brandi Chastain

Hope Solo

Hope Solo is not only a great soccer goalie and all-around fun to watch on the field -- she's always seemed like the type of person who would be a blast to hang around with. She's outspoken and not afraid to put herself out there, like posing naked for ESPN, go on Dancing With the Stars, and kick soccer balls at cabs with David Letterman. What a riot! But then she kinda got caught up in that doping thing she managed to talk her way out of, and started talking about what goes on at those Olympic parties, and it makes you go hmmm. And now this very silly Twitter cat fight between Solo and commenter Brandi Chastain. One starts to consider that maybe it's time to consider hopping off that fan wagon.

In a very mature move, Solo took to Twitter yesterday to complain about some comments that Chastain, the NBC commenter for women's soccer, was making about Team USA's defense and goalkeeping -- i.e. -- Solo. What's really weird is that Chastain is not just some random sports announcer that never played the sport, she was the hero of the 1999 Women's World Cup, you know, the one that got the game-winning goal and ripped her shirt off at the end of the game? Yeah, she was a really good player who, I think it's safe to say, knows the game pretty intimately.

Solo basically attacked someone in her own family. Solo has always been a little touchy when it comes to criticism, as a lot of athletes are, but this just seems so high school. After all, the women's team won the first two games, the first one against France 4-2, and yesterday's game against Colombia 3-0. There was really no reason for comments like this:

"Its 2 bad we cant have commentators who better represents the team&knows more about the game @brandichastain! #fb"


"Lay off commentating about defending and gking until you get more educated @brandichastain the game has changed from a decade ago. #fb"

The Olympics doesn't need this type of attention, and Solo has to learn to channel her frustration/anger/jealousy/forthcoming book publicity stunt ... whatever, on the field and not in social media.

Chastain hasn't responded so far, and probably won't. She should just keep on calling them as she sees them and let Solo have her little high school rants. Actions -- even the action of not reacting -- speak much louder than words, like this, Chastain's famous goal. It's always worth seeing this again and again. Could you have blocked this one, Hope Solo?

Are you becoming a little less enamoured of Hope Solo after hearing this?

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Renered1 Renered1

I still like Hope Solo as a player.  She is an amazing keeper and her skills on the field are amazing.  She does seem to be missing some filters in the tact department, however.  In her defense, she was upset over comments Chastain made over Buehler's performance as a defender.  But twitter certainly isn't the place to air a grievance although it seems to be common place these days.  Solo isn't known for being tactful or holding back on her opinion, like it or not.  No doubt she will say something else before the Olympics to fan some flames.

Cynically, I can't help but wonder if this was orchestrated by publicity people to generate interest in her book.  The news is everywhere, even if you aren't a soccer fan you can't get away from it.  And in this pop culture we live in any news is good news for a celebrity as long as it gets them more well known.

Tripl... TripleC14

She's calling out Chastain on her knowledge of the game?!?! Good for Chastain for not responding, makes Solo look like even more of a petulant child (if that's even possible)


Picking on another Olympian? Hope it makes you feel better. Did you draw the short straw?

nonmember avatar Allison

Hope Solo is an amazing goal keeper and no comments she made take that away from her. She is a professional and should not have publicly aired the comments through a social media network, but she is still one of the best players on the American team.

IBNea... IBNeaters

I started losing all respect for her while on Dancing with the Stars--she and Max were downright rude the entire time and were really no good for the show, IMO.

caits... caitsmomma

If you think Hope Solo is jealous of Chastain you have another thing coming to you. She is out spoken, always had been, always will be. She was voicing her opinion about the commentary. So what? I think its great she has the balls to say hey lay off of us. Love her attitude.

jessi... jessicasmom1

why are they jealous people anyways , too many fish in the sea to worry about the other ones 

kisse... kisses5050

I hope you are raising Cait to be more respectful of others. "just voicing your opinion and having balls"  in the fashion of reckless rudness leads people to view you as nothing more than a trashy little loudmouth. Be prepared.

nonmember avatar John

Hope is all about one thing...self promotion. She dishes out criticism, but can't take one. Remember her benching...she went off on her coach back then. Chastain has over 190 caps under her belt and is one of the main contributors to USA Womens Soccer to where it is today. Before that, USA Women's Soccer was in the back page with the dog races and dart scores. Stop your whining and get back to what's important. Wanna hear real criticism just watch and listen to the analysts in men's sports, e.g. Johhny Miller.

nonmember avatar Becky

Chastain spent 90 minutes dogging Rachel Buehler who wasn't having a bad game (the World cup is another matter). Say what you want about Hope, but she got Chastain off her teammate's back. The next match, Chastain even managed to compliment Buehler.
Oh, and Brandi isn't part of the family. She's a scab who crossed the picket line before the '96 Olympics and perhaps you've noticed none of the '99ers speak to her.

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