5 Summer Olympics Scandals That Have Already Made Headlines

Olympic Tower
Olympic Tower
It's only natural to expect some crazy news to come out about certain athletes (and politicians) before an event such as the Olympics, in which so many famous folks are competing on the world stage. But I didn't really expect this much insanity before the Opening Ceremonies even aired!

Now that the incredible Opening Ceremonies have come and gone, it's been interesting to think of everything that's happened already. Can't even begin to imagine what's going to take place during these next two weeks, but I for one will be sure to tune in.

From athletes' sexcapades to a Mitt Romney gaffe to drug testing to an athlete getting booted for a Tweet, let's take a look back after watching the Opening Ceremonies last Friday night to the headline-making scandals leading up to the Big Games. Because ... why not!

Will President Obama jump on the Mitt Romney mistake? Will the Olympics be able to fly the correct flags during the medal ceremonies? Will Voula Papachristou make crazy, ridiculous criticisms about the Games on Twitter? I certainly can't wait to find out! After remembering what's happened already, I'm so pumped for these next two weeks to see the next big headline.

Which of these scandals were you most interested in?


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kisse... kisses5050

how about the idea that Caster Semenya had to go through gender testing to prove she was female...

cmjaz cmjaz

I think the flag one was the worst



Rhond... RhondaVeggie

So the ex governor of a state with a fairly high percentage of British immigrants and a lot of Anglophiles decided to insult Britain during his presidential campaign. Is there any limit to this guy's cluelessness?


I guess he was as "clueless" as Obama trying to make a toast during God Save The Queen??? Or giving the royals DVD's that didn't work in that country??

kisse... kisses5050

I also find it odd that this is the story you select not to include in the slide show... but amke it easy to see...Though Mittens remarks were a bit harsh they were not without some foundation... souvenirs arebeing sold in the streets with very "anti Olympic" sentiments. There are published concerns about lack of security... so ..worry is not an out of line adjective. Far more embarrassing are the blunders and insults our POTUS has made in his interactions with foreign dignitaries which can only be called lack of respect for their customs and beliefs.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

"Lack of respect"?? Really kisses?? And where do you read these examples of "blunders and insults".. limbaugh's Twitter feed?

I will be honest (unlike kisses) and say that Mitt's comments werent THAT out of line.. he was on the Olympic planning committee in 2002, so I would say he is uniquely qualified to comment on and criticize others on that subject.

Too bad it left a pretty bitter taste in every Brits mouth. He should of just kept to his script.

maimutsa maimutsa

About the twitterer who got booted out. Like seriously, you are going to meet some west Africans at the olympics so why tweet that? What, you thought there was no twitter in Africa?? 

kisse... kisses5050

Why are you questioning MY Honesty? it is documented facts that POTUS Talked during over God Save The Queen, Signed the wrong date and year in the guest book at Wesmister Abby, gave the Queen dvds that did not work with the british players...LOOK IT UP!  AT least Mit knnnnnew what he was talking about.. he was rude but not stupid.


Yes Autumnleaves, you don't need to live under a rock to know how bad Obama's gaffe's have been. Check out some of these. I didn't find them on Limbaugh's Twitter feed either. 

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