Kris Humphries' Latest Half-Naked Partying Antics Don't Help His Reputation

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Kris HumphriesNo matter how hard Kris Humphries tries to convince fans that he's the one who got the raw end of the deal in his divorce from Kim Kardashian, he keeps engaging in behavior that makes him look like more and more of a loser. 

And this past weekend certainly didn't help his image, because Kris was seen partying in Miami with a bunch of girls in bikinis and a cocktail in his hand -- making him look like even more of a wild child. Being seen drinking booze and hanging out with half-naked girls isn't exactly a foreign sight as far as an NBA star goes, but considering all Kris has going on in his personal life? Yeah, living it up in South Beach might not be in his best interests right now.

First there was the whole Myla Sinanaj pregnancy scandal, which, thankfully for his sake, turned out to be false. And then there were the claims last week that Kelly Osbourne had him thrown out of Beacher's Madhouse in Hollywood, which had everyone wondering what sort of crazy antics went on inside that club. Apparently that whole story was made up too, but c'mon -- anything's possible with these celeb types.

If Kris really has any genuine interest in repairing his image and being seen as a serious athlete again, then he needs to get back to New York and spend some time practicing his game on the court instead of showing off his moves poolside. All this acting like he has the celeb status of a Kardashian business is never going to get him anywhere (except into even more trouble).

Do you think Kris Humphries' reputation is damaged beyond repair?


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Shawna Taubner

Dude! Pull up your damn pants! Nobody wants to see your dirty tighty-witeys!

nonmember avatar Seriously?

Come on people Let the dude live!!! He's at a BEACH, Women wear bikinis at the Beach_must he chase away every women that's around him because he needs to look like a damaged ex husband? You people need to get it together ur reports just sound stupid.

amber... amberdotsmom

If you remember the TV show Becker - in one episode he had a 18 yr old in his exam room wearing a Baseball hat with the brim to the back and Becker just looked at him and said. ""and turn that cap around, you can't be half as dumb as that makes you look.". Well Kris, I'm pretty sure you are EXACTLY as dumb as those shorts make you look.

Mindy Songfer

Naturism is a philosophy that values simplicity and increased harmony with nature. Enjoy our clothing free lifestyle!  naturistmingle  offers a friendly and confidential environment for nudists.

nonmember avatar Susan

Kris is rich and in his 20's what else is he supposed to do but chase girls and have fun. He can't play basketball all year. He is right to do it now instead of in his 40's. Don't forget he would have been living a married life now if his wife did not abandon him. Party on Kris!!!

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