Donald Driver Makes Good After 'DWTS' Fan Steals Little Boy's Memento (VIDEO)

Donald driver cleatOh that Donald Driver, he's such a classy dude! Fresh off a win on season 2,048 of Dancing With the Stars, Driver hosted a charity softball game. All went well -- but after the game, Driver was shown throwing some of his gear to the fans. When he went to toss one of his cleats to 12-year-old Stephen Wagner, a woman, Robyn Ereth, holding a Mirror Ball trophy replica, stole the shoe away from the kid!

Never one to give up on Packers nation, Driver posted on Twitter: "Does anyone know who this boy is? I want to get him the cleats he deserves!"

Thankfully, Donald was able to track down the boy and give him a bunch of much cooler stuff, like a baseball bat, Packers cups, a jersey, and a signed pair of cleats. What a great guy to go through all this effort to find this kid and give him what he deserves!


Here's the video of the woman stealing Stephen's cleat:

Pretty awful, isn't it! Can't believe she actually wrestled the shoe away from him. But everyone involved seems to be good people, believe it or not. Not only did Stephen get his swag, Ereth called to personally apologize to him and said that she thought Donald saw the trophy and meant to throw his shoe to her.

Stephen seemed to be a really good sport about the whole thing (even before knowing Donald was going to personally give him that other stuff) and took the incident in stride. He said, "I don't like it when people say that was a mean thing to do, because it was anyone's right to get it and people shouldn't be mean to her."

Donald summed it up on Twitter nicely too: "Let's remember the woman who grabbed the cleat from Stephen is human. We all make mistakes. Stephen is happy and that's what matters most!"

Aww, doesn't this just make you all warm and fuzzy inside? I'm glad Cleat Gate 2012 has been resolved, and that everyone seems happy. Donald got some nice PR and made a young fan happy (and proved he really is a great guy), Ereth got to keep her stolen cleat, and Stephen got to meet one of his heroes. Kudos to Packers nation!

Have you ever done anything rash in the heat of the moment? Think all the backlash against this fan was justified?


Image via jsonline/YouTube

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