Jilted High School Senior Asks Pro Football Player to Prom -- and He Goes! (VIDEO)

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Joe Haden promYou may not have heard of Joe Haden, but after reading about what a supremely cool guy he is, you might become his newest fan. He's a professional football player for the Cleveland Browns and recently signed a five-year, $50 million contract. But even with that jaw-dropping salary, he seems to be an all-around, super-nice guy. He's also on Twitter quite a bit, and that definitely worked out for Joyce Grendel, an 18-year-old high school senior at Independence (Ohio) High. 

Because poor Joyce went through the stuff teenage nightmares are made of: getting jilted at the last-minute by her date to her senior prom. 

So I guess Grendel felt like she had nothing to lose, and didn't want to go to her senior prom stag, which, I mean, can you blame her? So she said to hell with it and on a whim and a prayer asked Haden out to prom on Twitter, and much to her surprise, he said yes!

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Well, it's one thing to say yes on Twitter, but Haden followed through in style -- giving Grendel a night she'll never ever forget. He showed up right on time to pick up Grendel on Friday in his white Lamborghini. I imagine that quote from She's All That (nothing like old-school teen rom-coms) came to Grendel's mind: "I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, you know, except for the whole hooker thing."

To top it all off, Haden never actually got to attend his own senior prom, so this was a sweet first for him as well. And it wasn't like they didn't know each other: They have developed a friendship, which initially started with Haden's fan club. He even went bowling with Grendel and one of her Independence High friends. And he knew her since she showed up to all his signings and has supported him even before he's succeeded in the big leagues. See? Sometimes being a devoted fan really can pay off!

Here's footage of Haden picking up Grendel at her house for her fairy-tale senior prom:

What do you think of Haden taking a high school senior to her prom?


Image via WEWSTV/YouTube

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Maevelyn Maevelyn

Some how this is sweeter than the other celeb dates lately. 

dreab... dreabug23

I love this guy!

Flori... Floridamom96

Can I get a "GO GATORS!"? Seriously, it's refreshing to see young pro athletes given the opportunity to do something good and see one step up to the plate.

Torra... TorranceMom

This guy seems like a stand up dude. What a nice way for him to show his gratitude to a loyal fan.

prplecat prplecat

What a sweet guy!  I bet that he had a BLAST. :)

Ksmomy Ksmomy

I don't know anything about this gentleman but WOW what a way to make someones dreams come true. I love these stories!

nonmember avatar cory

I think it is bull sh&t that a pro football player can take a woman to her prom and not get judged about how long ago was it a young 18 year old man wanted to take a porn star to his prom and he was denied that because she was a porn star well it is a fact he is in the NFL and would get just as much attention at a prom that a porn star would that is unfair treatment and looking down on one type of famous people what is that called oh yea it is called prejudice

Miche... Michelephant

How low is your self esteem that instead of going to prom with a group of friends and celebrating you have to ask a famous stranger via the internet?

Fondue Fondue

Wow, cory.  That was quite the rambling run-on sentence.  Wait, can it even be called a sentence?  Sentences usually have at least one form of punctuation in them.

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