Jessica Dorrell Needs to Spill About Petrino (Cuz We're Judging Her Anyway)

razorbacks If everyone was wondering when Jessica Dorrell might actually go out in public again so an eager photog could snap a shot of how she is holding up amidst the scandal, or to tell her side of the story, we'll probably have to keep wondering a while longer. No one has seen, heard, or stolen a photo of the latest scandal girl since this story broke. Now that the University of Arkansas has placed the 25-year-old Dorrell on paid administrative leave, she has even less of an excuse to leave her house or wherever she's been holed up for the past week. Not that she was going to just show up at her desk business as usual or start talking to the media anyway. But at least being able to earn a paycheck while staying at home buys her more time to plot her next move.

Paid administrative leave is a fancy HR term for when your boss thinks you've done something wrong or bad, but he needs to look into it a little more before he cans you. That way he can say he did a thorough investigation into the matter and legally cover his ass. Firing Bobby Petrino was pretty much a no-brainer -- he lied numerous times about his motorcycle accident and about his relationship with an employee he hired into a $55,735 a year position in his program.

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But the university knows it has to step cautiously around Dorrell. It appears that even though she went willingly into the relationship with the former Razorbacks coach, she may technically be a victim of sexual harassment due to Petrino's power position, and she may be considering legal action against the university. The university, via Petrino, is responsible for the mess she is in, after all, and her ruined reputation. I'm sure there are plenty of other legal fears batting around because of that.

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Not only that, but it's in the university's own best interests for Dorrell to stay away and keep quiet about all that went on, because anything she does say -- to the media, her friends, her co-workers -- is just going to make them look worse. By making this a personnel matter, with the whole financial thing dangling as a carrot, Dorrell has even more reason to clam up.

But Dorrell can't keep hiding forever. Eventually she is going to have to tell her side of the story to someone. Sorry, but the world needs to know this before it's ever going to let her put it behind her and move on. It may not be right but it's just the way these things go.

Why do you think the university put Dorrell on paid leave instead of just outright firing her? What are they afraid of?


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2boys... 2boysmama311

She is no victim of sexual harassment. Should she try and claim that, it makes those who have actually expierenced it look bad. She willingly had a long affair with a married man, who just happened to be the head football coach. She willingly applied for, interviewed for and accepted a position that her "lover" helped her get. There were possibly thousands of texts, and phone calls between them. She obviously was not feeling harassed then. She (I am sure gladly) accepted $20,000 from him. She hurt and lied to everyone around her. 

If she has any shred of diginity, remorse, or self-respect left she will quit her job and move on. 

nonmember avatar txmammamia

I agree 100% with 2 boysmamma. TY. Just think how far her salary in Fayetteville, AK will go! she can hire a good attorney and see how much more she can get out of the school.

Polly... PollyCShafer

Why does everyone think the abbreviation for Arkansas is AK? That's Alaska. Arkansas is AR.

Bulle... Bullet_Proof_Me

Thank you Polly. That was about to be my comment!

Matthew Kennedy

It is not likely that she was on the bike at the time of the crash; she sustained no injury and it is not likely that Coach would have her on the back of his bike during daylight hours with neither of them wearing helmets to shield their identities; more likely that jealous boyfriend ran Coach off the road after catching the two of them together. Could that issue have anything to do with why she was placed on paid leave?

nonmember avatar Trev

She's in Oklahoma with her aunt.

Debbie Collins Wells

If she has any respect for herself or anyone else she will resign and move away. He presence at the university will only fuel the fire to keep this garbage going. If she is in it to make big bucks she will keep this going. I expect to see her on talk shows and selling her story to the highest bidder. She will show what kind of person she really is!!!!

Debbie Collins Wells

I also agree with 2boysmamma...there was no sexual harassment...she was more than a willing partner. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew she wasn't qualified for the job she was hired for, she also knew he was married, she excepted money, she is just as guilty as he is. Why should she be able to stay on the payroll and act like a victim....she makes me sick!!!!!

nonmember avatar Charlotte

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