Bobby Petrino Got Fired, But Jessica Dorrell Got Screwed

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bobby petrinoWell, well, well. Guess who woke up unemployed this morning? Yep, you guessed it. Bobby Petrino's lusty little fling with 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell ultimately got him fired from his job as football coach at the University of Arkansas. (Wah-wah-wah-wah.)

And of course he's acting all remorseful and apologetic and all sorts of other weepy stuff, but everyone knows he's only whining because he got caught. Something tells me if he hadn't been in that motorcycle accident, and if Jessica Dorrell hadn't been riding on the back of his bike, he wouldn't have felt the slightest bit of regret for his actions. Things tend to sting a bit more when your entire career is at stake, I guess.

Petrino may be out of a job, and possibly out of a marriage if his wife isn't willing to forgive him. But he does still have his reputation as a great football coach going for him, so there's a chance that someone else may hire him down the road. It's not like all hope is lost for him. Jessica Dorrell, on the other hand, really got the raw end of this whole deal -- not that anyone feels sorry for her.

Whether or not she has been fired from her job as Student Athlete Development Coordinator at the University of Arkansas too remains to be seen, but she's lost a whole lot more than a cushy little job working for a college football team.

For one thing, she's lost her sugar daddy. Because that has to be what Bobby Petrino was to her, right? (Please don't tell me you think she actually had the hots for him.) The news just came out that at some point during their relationship, Bobby gave Jessica $20,000 as a gift. Hmm -- a gift? Was that "gift" given in exchange for her keeping quiet about the affair, or perhaps Petrino forked over the cash to keep the affair going? Either way, $20,000 seems like chump change now that this scandal has gone public. She could've gotten way more out of the old man if she'd foreseen this media frenzy.

It's also important to note that Dorrell was (and is presumably still) engaged to Josh Morgans while she and Petrino were getting all chummy. I'm guessing that her fiance has probably been pretty humiliated by her actions, and I highly doubt he'll take a trip to the altar with her at this point.

Why on earth a beautiful 25-year-old girl was willing to throw away her entire future for a dirty old man is beyond me. I wonder how appealing that $20,000 looks to her now?

Who do you think will feel the lasting effects of this scandal the worst -- Bobby or Jessica?


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Flori... Floridamom96

Neither of them is a victim here. They are adults who made wrong decision and now have to live with the consequences.

nonmember avatar Vince

Josh Morgan and Jessica Dorrell are no longer engaged. Article said they were "at one point" engaged, meaning that's no longer the case.

nonmember avatar BJ

Both will feel the sting. And to note..Dorrell's engagement is OFF. SportCenter reported, stated that her engagement was off a week prior to the accident.. Uh Really??

Bj Dunnell

Both will feel the sting. And to note..Dorrell's  engagement is OFF. SportCenter reported, stated that her engagement was off a week prior to the accident..  Uh Really??

nonmember avatar onlooker

Bobby Petrino is a millionaire, he will be just fine. Jessica, however, has just thrown away her entire life. Who will ever hire her or want to marry her again? She is just a younger, female version of the narcissistic, two-faced, self-centered Petrino. They are exactly alike. That relationship benefited both of them. There's a word for women like Jessica who accept money in exchange for sexual favors. This wasn't a "mistake" or a error in judgement, this is obviously who this young woman is, and now the entire world knows. My husband thinks her only future options will be a book about her perceived victimhood and a spread in Playboy, just like all the other fallen hos.

nonmember avatar Ron

nothing wrong with being a dirty old man, just don't do it with an employee....I just turned 60 and am currently nailing a hot 27 yr old but I am single and she is not an employee...BTW, it is way better than you can imagine :)

nonmember avatar Bruce

Ron you are a bigger liar than both of them together. That or your are "nailing" a female Ruddian janitor in a salt mine.

nonmember avatar Trevor

The cash was for a down payment for her new car

nonmember avatar russeell mark

Ms. Dorrell has lost nothing. She was nothing but a tramp to begin with. Look at the facts 1) She knew the coach was married (it was no secret he had a wife, she even appeared on national tv with him, 2) she accepted at least one "gift" of a large amount of money. In most state she would have arrested for what they were exchanging. On two ways Ms. Dorrell stole from MRS. Petrino. Her husband and a great amount of cash. She should go to jail.

missy... missybest

This article really bothers me.  Where is the integrity?  Jessica Dorrell got screwed?  Who is it hardest on, Petrino or Dorrell?  Please!

The people who got screwed are Petrino's wife and children, Dorrell's fiance, and the team he coached!  All the injured parties are the ones who got screwed!  When will we really start being concerned about appropriate behavior. 

MEN and WOMEN:  It is not OK to emotionally destroy your families or someone else's family!  Are your egos and your pants more important than your families?  I am just sick of hearing about this kind of trash going on everywhere!

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