Bobby Petrino's Lust for Sexy 25-Year-Old May End His Career

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bobby petrinoBobby Petrino has a neck brace and scrapes on his face after his motorcycle crash last weekend, but he also basically had his butt handed to him by karma. And nobody messes with karma.

C'mon, was he really under the impression that no one would ever find out that his companion on the motorcycle when the accident happened was a 25-year-old woman named Jessica Dorrell, who had recently been added to the staff of the University of Arkansas football team? Because her identity was bound to come out at some point.

And if enduring the crash and then being forced to admit that he was having an affair with this girl wasn't punishment enough for his cheating, losing his career over the scandal may be the icing on the cake. Bobby has been put on paid administrative leave by the University of Arkansas until an investigation is done.

Bobby has issued a statement trying to redeem himself in the hopes that his actions won't ultimately get him fired. He apologized to his wife and four kids (how big of him), said he plans on cooperating fully with the university (total cry of desperation), and says that he wants to "repair his relationship with the Razorback Nation and remain head coach." (Yeah, good luck with that, buddy.)

Petrino may have been willing to take his chances on getting caught in an inappropriate relationship with Jessica Dorrell, but I guess he didn't take the potential life changing consequences of his actions into consideration first. Cheaters always get caught, and karma always wins.

Do you think Bobby Petrino should lose his job?

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Lovem... Lovemykidstw

I don't think he should lose his job. What he does in his personal life is just that, it doesn't change the fact that he is a good football coach. However, if she was just a friend, why did he have to lie about being alone on the bike? I think he will be punished enough by the fans & his wife for what he did.( or didn't, but I'm not believing it)

nonmember avatar Cee

Lovemykidstw, I don't think he is losing his job for having an affair. I think he may lose his job for lying to police, which reflects on the school and most importantly for hiring someone to the team's pay check BECAUSE he was having an affair with her, not because she was qualified. Putting her on the school's checkbook is probably the thing the school wont put up with.
What is tragic is that it is being reported that she is engaged to a guy that works for the swim team of the same school. Cute young guy..I can't believe she stooped to boinking that ugly dude for a job.

Bulle... Bullet_Proof_Me

As someone actually from Arkansas, let me clear up a few things: he didn't lie to the police, he lied to his boss. The affair is not the issue -- it's the lying. If this turns out to be his only indiscretion, his job is safe because he WINS an most people here in Hog land care more about that than who he's sleeping with. As long as he hasn't been lying about other things an hasn't promoted this young woman undeservedly, he'll be fine.

nonmember avatar Cee

Bullet, of course he will be forgiven. And, of course they'll bring a list of credentials this young woman has that would qualify her for the job that she got five days before said accident and confession of an affair. As long as the team wins, right?

Bulle... Bullet_Proof_Me

Honestly, yes. That's his job and he does it well. This young woman also previously held a high ranking job at the UofA, so it's not like she's completely unqualified. Again, as long as he hasn't been lying about other things, he will be forgiven. To be honest, outside Petrino's family, Jessica's family an fiancé and Petrino's bosses, I don't see how it's anyone's business or why it is newsworthy. The only reason (besides a discovery of a lot of other wrongdoing) that Petrino would be fired is if Jeff Long decides that this scandal will hurt recruiting and thus keep Petrino from properly doing his job.

mrsjo... mrsjoohee

If she was hired only bc she was his mistress, and he was the one who either hired or vied for her, then yes, he needs to be fired.

nonmember avatar Lisa

If he has been carrying on an affair with this young lady, yes. He is an employee of the State of Arkansas - the highest paid and the most high profile State employee, I might add. Not only does he have a contract that prohibits this kind of behavior, the state also has rules about this. If he is let off easy, that will pave the way for others to test the boundaries of appropriate conduct.

Fred Farkel

I am a man and I hope this filthy bastard never coaches again. its time this stuff stops!

nonmember avatar MomInOK

SHOULD he lose his job? Yes. He lied to his boss - and had the university release info that he knew to be false - to cover up the fact that they were on the bike together.

WILL he lose his job? No. SEC football is a business, and he's winning.

Charli Rahe

No, it's unrelated to his work. Sure he met her there and now she works for him but he did nothing illegal, immoral, but not illegal. 

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