Kris Humphries Needs to Grow a Pair When It Comes to Kim Kardashian (VIDEO)

kris humphries

Waa, waa, waa, waa. That's pretty much all that seems to comes out every time Kris Humphries opens his mouth these days. Seriously, does this dude not realize that his constant whining and moaning about him being some sort of poor, helpless victim who was lured into a doomed marriage by Kim Kardashian is only making him sound more pathetic than we already know think he is? Because his little campaign for a pity party is getting pretty old.

In his latest rant, Kris says that he "refuses to be bullied" by Kim anymore. Bullied? Really? Wait a minute -- does he not realize that he's an NBA player? I thought athletes were supposed to be all big and burly and tough. Does he honestly feel "bullied" by someone who is about a quarter of his size?

I know, I know -- the bullying he talks about is not meant in a physical sense. But his constant complaining only sheds more negative light on him, which is the same thing he's all bent out of shape about in the first place. If he would just lay low & act nonchalant and let the divorce play out in court instead of making everything so public, then maybe he'd be able to salvage a little bit of his reputation. But somehow I don't see Kris suddenly getting tight lipped. He actually seems to thrive on drama, even if he claims to feel bullied by it.

And Kris's whining is really nothing new. He has played the poor, helpless victim card ever since he and Kim first split, which you will hear in the video clip below.

Do you think that Kris Humphries is truly a victim?


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Why is it whining when he does it but it's "poor victim Kim" when she does? Really?? They are both losers but I blame her more because she wanted that wedding on TV because she wanted to try and trump the royal wedding. Which she didn't even come close to doing. I blame her more than him.

Jessica Murillo

wow wat a baby lol nobody even knew who kris was before getting married to kim how is this a scam ...and if so dont u think she would marry someone better looking and well known if tat was true lol wat a bitch

nonmember avatar Lord K

Ah, but here is the problem, he is living in the New America, where being a man is a federal crime. She can punch him, she can start stabbing him, but if he even attempts to defend himself, if he even gives her as much as a dirty look, the police will haul him off to jail, he will be charged with domestic violence, be locked up in prison for five years, and be put on the sex offender registry for all the days of his life.

Tamara Wells

Kris is a loser!! True he plays basketball and I am die hard fan of basketball but I had never heard of this lame ass dude.I believe she really did love him and wanted to be happy but he is such a crybaby he crys about every freaking thing. If you paid attention to the show he acted like a freakin kid. He is so immature for his age, who cares about his raggedy lame tail. Sign the papers and be done with it already dang the world is sick of hearing about it!!!

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