Arian Foster’s Tearful Breakdown Will Make You Want to Call Your Mom (VIDEO)

Arian Foster
Arian Foster
Arian Foster, running back for the Houston Texans, is known as one of the best players to draft on your NFL fantasy team. But not only is he a super-talented player, making it to the Pro Bowl twice, he's also a husband, father, and poet(!). And on March 5, all of his dreams came true when the Texans rewarded him with a five-year, $43.5 million contract.

As an NFL fan, I've always admired Foster for his running game, but when he became super emotional at his most recent press conference, he just tugs at the heartstrings. I had no idea about the struggles and hardships he went through as a child, and you can tell how grateful and appreciative he is of everything that he's earned -- something extremely rare in pro sports nowadays! What's up with all these big tough football players bawling their eyes out at press conferences?! Well, this one you'll have to see to believe.


Here he is at his press conference:

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