Tim Tebow as ‘The Bachelor’? We Only Wish This Was a Joke! (VIDEO)

Tim TebowReality television is more or less synonymous with "dumb ideas." But we may have the dumbest yet: Tim Tebow as ... wait for it ... The Bachelor! First one to shout out what's wrong with this picture wins a prize!

Did you yell Tim Tebow's a good Christian boy? You win a pat on your back (sorry, you'll have to give it to yourself, I'm too busy rubbing my forehead in agony over this whole concept)! Hey ... it's better than a date with Ben Flajnik, isn't it? Gah!


And yet, there's more to this than rumor, folks. Host Chris Harrison has said flat out that he actually asked Tebow if he'd sign up for the gig, and Tebow said yes. There are no papers signed, and Harrison has said it could just as likely not happen as actually go through. But the fact is, someone saw Tebow and said "ooh, great guy for The Bachelor"

What were they smoking? I'm not trying to pick on the Denver Broncos quarterback here. I respect the heck out of a guy who is willing to wait for Ms. Right instead of Ms. Right Outside the Door of the Stadium. Tim Tebow's abstinence pledge doesn't affect how he entertains us on the football field.

But, ahem, let's just state the obvious here, folks. The Bachelor isn't about passes and touchdowns. If we really have to use sports references here, I'd use baseball ... those boys are all about taking it all the way to home plate if you know what I mean. Producer Mike Fleiss has actually spilled that most of the guys on this show sleep with an average of three women during the filming.

That last little tidbit grosses me out enough to be tempted to start a petition to make Tebow take the job just for some fresh air! But I'm pretty sure two episodes in, and we'd all be snoring. Let's face it, we don't watch The Bachelor because we think he's a guy we'd actually WANT to marry ourselves! Mr. Sweet and Saving Myself had better stick to the football field; there are plenty of jerks out there who can hand out roses.

Who would you rather see take over The Bachelor role when Flajnik's gone?


Image via Jeff Kern/Flickr

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