Taylor Swift Could Show Us the Real Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow taylor swift

Sorry ladies, it looks like the most eligible bachelor in the NFL might be off the market. Tim Tebow was spotted out on a date in Los Angeles with one of pop music's good Christian girls. Yes, I'm talking Taylor Swift (who were you thinking: Katy Perry?)!

Rut-ro. Tim may be in a wee bit over his head here, don't you think? That may just be a first ... ever.


The Denver Broncos quarterback has made a name for himself as a man of God on the field and off. And that's meant turning the other cheek like his role model when the tabloids have gone too far into scandal territory. I am not a big fan, but I can respect how this guy has managed to stay above the fray. It powered him through the media throng and into the playoffs. This is why the Mile High City loves their QB! He hasn't let anyone beyond the mask so to speak.

But let's talk Taylor for a moment, shall we? Known for championing Christian bands, she obviously shares at least a portion of Tebow's value set. And they've both been awfully nice to little kids over the years (did you hear they're taking kids with cancer on dates -- both of them?).

But let's be real here. Rising above the fray isn't exactly good old Taylor's MO, now is it? She has written the songbook -- literally -- on spreading relationship dirty laundry around. If this thing keeps going, and God forbid goes south, yikes ... let's just say we'll get to know if he's as godly in the bedroom as he is on the gridiron.

I don't want to wish them a failed relationship already. But they're young! They're in the media. It happens. And Tebow needs to keep his wits about him and not be sucked in by her charm if he wants to maintain his mystique!

Do you see this relationship holding steady? Or are you just mad Tim Tebow's off the market?


Images via Jeffrey Beall/Flickr; david_shankbone/Flickr

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