Beware: Linfection Is Horribly Contagious (VIDEO)

linsanity shirts
My kids proudly wearing Linsanity t-shirts
I have no idea who I am anymore. On Valentine's Day I wanted to watch basketball. Not just any team ... I wanted to watch Lin's team. Jeremy Lin. What is it about this guy? I actually enjoy watching him play.

Holy crap ... I see what's happened here. I have been lin-fected. And apparently so has a nation, because this is no longer just a New York story. In fact, half of New York can't even watch him play — thanks to a Time Warner cable dispute.

So what is it about this guy? Why does everyone care? Sports Illustrated had him on the cover last week, #Linsanity trends on Twitter every single time he plays, and my Facebook feed explodes with commentary daily about this guy.

Oh ... this is so much bigger than just rooting for the home team.


Lin is — well — Linfectious. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

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This is a guy that was basically five days from losing his job and being cut from the team. Five days. But if you watch him play, you can see why people love him so much. He is a leader. He is aggressive. He drives to the hole, gets knocked down, and then picks himself right back up again. He is the freaking Little Engine That Could. Okay, so he loses the ball too much. But that hasn't stopped him from helping his team win, over and over again.

But there are people that are frustrated by the attention Lin is getting ... and no one puts things in perspective better than Jon Stewart and his crack team of correspondents. Let "black correspondent," Larry Wilmore, tell you about it ...

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Seriously, "Wait for it ... Knickerbocker, please," ROFL ...

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So my Linfection will continue as long as Jeremy Lin continues to make watching the Knicks fun again! It's also been really good for my marriage.

Are you Linfected?


Video via The Daily Show

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