Mark Sanchez & Kate Upton Possibly Dating -- What About Kim Kardashian?

mark sanchezMark SanchezNew York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez may not have taken his team to the Super Bowl this year, but it sounds as though he hasn't exactly had a tough time with the ladies. I guess he has mad skills when it comes to getting his flirt on. Either that, or chicks dig him because, well -- he's a professional athlete.

The latest buzz is that Mark is getting cozy with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Kate Upton. Have you seen how crazy amazing this girl looks on the cover of SI in what is possibly the smallest bikini ever made? I think it's safe to say that most dudes with a pulse dream about scoring a touchdown with her.

But wait a minute -- if Mark is dating Kate, then why was he rumored to be hot and heavy with Kim Kardashian a couple of weeks ago? It certainly sounds like he gets around.


Kim and Mark being an item actually makes a lot of sense, considering that she totally has a thing for athletes. Honestly, I think that might be a prerequisite for dating her. And while Mark and Kim would make an incredibly cute couple, she hinted on Twitter that the rumors about them seeing each other were false -- and even gave the impression that they'd never met one another. Yeah -- ok.

That brings us back to Kate Upton. When TMZ asked her whether or not she is dating Mark, Kate gave a wink and said, "It's whatever you think!" Translation: "Mark and I are totally hooking up, but he hasn't called me his girlfriend yet and I don't want to scare him off and make him run for the hills by telling everyone that we are together." Sound about right?

But honestly, if Mark is dating Kate, he may want to stake his claim on her a little more openly. Because once her SI swimsuit issue hits stands, he will probably find more than a few of his teammates who would love to offer him some stiff competition for her affections.

Who do you think is better for Mark -- Kate or Kim?

Image via Christopher Pasatieri/Getty

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