Jeremy Lin: 15 Funniest 'Linsanity' Tweets on the Knicks' New Hotshot

Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin
It's official: Jeremy Lin is the man. The Harvard grad benchwarmer turned overnight basketball superstar has made almost everyone who has never cared about the New York Knicks (me included) -- or even basketball in general (yep, guilty of that too) -- become completely infatuated with him and his team. Just last night, the 23-year-old hit a three-pointer with less than a second to play, helping the Knicks win every game (six so far) he's played in.

Linsanity is taking over! And there's nary a tattoo or criminal record on the dude in sight! He seems like a really decent guy that everyday folks like you and me can rally behind. No wonder he's taken the social media world by storm. You can't seem to go a few minutes without seeing a Twitter update about "#Linsanity." So we rounded up 15 of the funniest ones just for you!


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BradWollock: Is it too late for Jeremy Lin to enter the presidential race?

FisolaNYDN: Breaking: Winklevoss brothers from Harvard to sue Knicks. Claim they first came up with idea of Jeremy Lin.

getrickdietryin: I'd like to think there is now a room full of writers @espn whose sole purpose is to bang out Jeremy Lin puns.

NotBillWalton: With Jeremy Lin the Knicks obviously have #Linsanity. With Metta World Peace, the Lakers unfortunately just have plain old insanity.

iowahawkblog: Jeremy Lin possesses the miraculous power to make me not hate a New York sports team. #Linsanity

darrenrovell: Carmelo has made $1,129,181 in the last 5 games he hasn't played in. Jeremy Lin has made $48,100 for the same 5 games.

sportspickle: New York Post reports that Jeremy Lin is Asian: #PICTURE

cthagod: Just gotta keep Jeremy Lin away from the NY nightlife and these chicks trying to be on the next season of Basketball Wives...

joshgreenman: Study: Linsanity gives Harvard grads four times the daily opportunities to casually remind everyone they went to Harvard

owen0372: how long till kim kardashian is linked to jeremy lin? #anythingforattention

buckbock: I'm waiting patiently for 'Linsanity' to be added to the Words With Friends dictionary...

filmirfy: Say what you will about the guy, but there is no doubt he has an outstanding name for puns. #linsanity #jeremylin #allhedoesislin

notalextrebek: BREAKING: Jeremy Lin injures Chuck Norris outside NYC nightclub

coyneboy: Great night for Asians.. Jeremy Lin, and now the Pekingese won best in show.

Fake Roger Goodell: Don't compare Jeremy Lin to Tim Tebow....Jeremy Lin can play basketball.

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Image via nikk_la/Wikimedia

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