Flyers 'Fans' Who Attacked Veteran Are a Disgrace (VIDEO)


flyers fan beat rangers fansFlyers fans attack Rangers fan Neal AurrichioTalk about ironic. (Not to mention incredibly messed up on about a million levels.) Turns out the N.Y. Rangers fan who was so severely beaten by a group of Philadelphia Flyers 'fans' after Monday night's NHL Winter Classic that he had to be hospitalized wasn't just your average guy wearing a Rangers jersey. 30-year-old Neal Aurrichio, Jr. of New Jersey also happens to be a police officer and decorated veteran of the Iraq War. Who, it should be noted, was awarded the Purple Heart during his service as a Marine. (Two tours.)

Oh wait, it gets better! Aurrichio also has a wife and an infant son at home.

Seriously? If anybody on this planet deserved such a vicious, violent attack, IT WASN'T THAT GUY!

The as-yet-unidentified idiot Flyers fans who jumped Aurrichio and his buddy (whose injuries weren't as severe, apparently) don't just give hockey enthusiasts a bad name, they give human beings a bad name. Apparently one of the assailants might have been stupid enough to brag about the bloody scene on a hockey blog, commenting on a graphic video of the incident:

“It was me and my friends, do something about it ... How dumb do I look knocking someone out pretty sure they look dumb eatin concrete.”

He probably looked pretty dumb deleting that comment in a panic after the cops tracked him down (he's currently being questioned by the police).

I can only hope that the braindead brute quoted above -- and his pals -- are brought to justice, swiftly. The fact that a man who has devoted his life to protecting others should be so senselessly, needlessly hurt is an absolute disgrace.

As this video clip proves (if you can stomach watching it).

How do you think the men who attacked Neal Aurrichio should be brought to justice?


Image via YouTube

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tereal tereal



nonmember avatar Jay

Never go to a hockey game alone. Shit gets violent if you wear the wrong jersey.

Nicho... NicholasMama608

Wow.  That's sick.  That just might be why DF says he won't take me to any hockey game that isn't a home game.  We are Rangers fans.

Badge83 Badge83

Sad, it reminds me of an incident last summer in California where (the young EMS SF Giants fan) was beaten into a coma. It is *not* okay for humans to act like this, but in my line of work everyone I deal with is an animal. So I can't say I'm very surprised....I say let his brothers and sisters in blue get first dibs, then let the Corps finish him. Just like Mortal Combat. Prayers and love sent out to him and his family...stay strong, bro.

Madis... Madison1211

I don't understand why people think it is ok to behave this way... I really do hope that the men who did this get punished and I hope for a speedy recovery for Mr. Aurrichio. You should not have to worry about being beaten close to death while at a sports event.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I think the Flyers shouldn't be allowed to play for the rest of the year or next year. I'll bet people don't act like asshats next time if it will hurt the team. I know that's punishing everybody  but sometime you need to lay down the law. The police need to punish the thugs but the NHL needs to prevent repeats by getting fans to police each other.

nonmember avatar Melissa

I think they should be put in front of a bunch of Marines and Police offers and made to admit what they did..then let the Marines and Cops do what they feel needs to be done. I'm ashamed of the on lookers that did nothing.. very sad

nonmember avatar virgjoh

I think it's disgraceful that so many people just stand around and watch. They are as worthless as the pieces of dirt that beat the poor guy.

ashjo85 ashjo85

You can't punish the team for the fans conduct. You need to levy the biggest penalties on the perpetrators. This isn't a hockey thing, this has happened in both baseball and football this past year alone. And I think the bigger problem is probably alcohol. I'm a Red Wings fan, and I've never been to a home game. I've gone to games in Phoenix (fans don't care there) and in Colorado just this past month where a couple drunk idiots tried to start a fight with my uncle for no other reason than he was wearing a Red Wings shirt.

nonmember avatar Melissa

Drop their asses off at Parris Island and let justice be served by his fellow marines....

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