WATCH Candlestick Park Blackout During Monday Night Football (VIDEO)


Candlestick Park
See transformer blown in lower left-hand corner. Then blackout.

Last night, as I was settling in at the local sports bar to watch the Monday Night Football match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, I looked up at the TV and saw a very freaky sight, indeed. Right before the game was set to start, the stadium, ironically called Candlestick Park, went completely black. Though it was slightly humorous to watch ESPN scramble to make up for the dead airtime since kickoff was delayed, I can't even begin to imagine what was going on in the minds of those tens of thousands of fans sitting there in a total blackout.

On top of that, a report said that San Francisco police received a bomb threat before the game! If I were in the stands and had learned of the bomb threat before the lights went off, I would have freaked the heck out!

Here's some of the freaky video footage of the blackout:


Last night, with a sellout crowd of 69,732 sitting in complete darkness, who knows what could have happened if fans started getting panicky, especially if any got wind of the potential bomb threat? Of course, the PA system stopped working, too, so team officials tried to reach fans through Twitter and the media to tell everyone to remain calm.

This reminds me of November of last year when the New Meadowlands Stadium left 81,000 people in complete darkness. My aunt and uncle attended that game and said that many people around them were initially concerned about a potential terrorist attack. A couple of fights broke out in the stands during that blackout, too, but maybe that was more because the Giants were losing 26-6 against a division rival ...

Luckily, the fans in Candlestick Park seemed to take it in stride. They used their cellphones to light up the stands and snapped a bunch of pictures. To make the night even stranger, though, a second blackout occurred during the second quarter, and the game was delayed for another 20 minutes. Though the game continued without incident, I have a feeling many will tune into the playoffs hosted in San Francisco just to see if it happens again.

Have you ever seen a stadium go completely dark like that before?


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ashjo85 ashjo85

It was hardly dark, the emergency lights came on almost immediately and ESPN was reporting that people thought it was funny, for the most part. It was no darker than the stands at an NBA game.

Rosha... RoshaMadHatter

No, it's scary when San Diego, parts of L.A and Arizona lose power.  This is nothing lol!

nonmember avatar Mandy

My sister was at the game and called and told us about the power outage. I was worried about her. You never know what can cause a panic and 69k plus people panicked can be very scary. Even if for a short time, you never know what will happen. glad it all worked out

Krist... KristinRox

that has never happened to me, However I was grocery shopping one day when the store went completely dark. It scared the crap out of me. Im sure a lot of people at candlestick were freaked out at least a bit.



slw123 slw123

I've never had that happen, but with all the cell phones it couldn't have been that big of a deal.

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