Tim Tebow Strikes Best Pose on Lindsey Vonn Scandal


tim tebowTim Tebow is once again the hot topic this week, and surprise, surprise, once again, no one is talking about how the Denver Broncos quarterback actually plays football. The talk is that Tebow could be responsible for the recent breakup of Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn's marriage to fellow Olympian Thomas Vonn. Vonn, for her part, totally denies it. But it's the way Tebow is handling the whole faux scandal that reminds us just why this dude is a winner.

He's not saying a word.

Vonn is busy blogging her explanation that she sat in his box at Mile High Stadium and struck a Tebow pose after a recent win because she's a family friend. She even hit up Twitter to put out fires. But the QB has remained completely mum on the subject. His last Tweet after the Broncos squeaked past the Bears on Sunday was about ... well, football.

Which is pretty much classic Tebow. While the world has tried to take the young player down a peg or two for his excessive on-field praying, he has refused to change his style. He's still getting down on bended knee after touchdowns, he's still praising God in his post-game interviews.

In the same vein, Tebow could jump on Twitter and Facebook and start spouting off at the mouth about his non-relationship with Vonn. He could go on the defensive. But that's not his job. His job is to help the Broncos win games, and wouldn't you know it: that's what he's doing

Whatever scandal comes his way, Tebow is refusing to be pushed off course. He's keeping the conversation where he wants it to go. I don't agree with his religious antics, but I can definitely respect him for that. I'll even go one better -- it's making me buy into the Tebow hype a little more. Because a good football player focuses on football. And that's exactly what he's doing.

Does Tebow's refusal to enter into the fray make you respect him more?


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nonmember avatar GoGators!

Absolutely! Although, what I read is that Tim's brother, Robbie, has been seen attending Lindsay's events. Even still, that doesn't mean Robbie or anyone else is responsible for the break-up of her marriage. It is all just speculation .

nonmember avatar Dawn

Could have been a good article if you hadn't jumped in with the "religious antics" comments. That comment has nothing to do with the article and frankly you opinion on his faith is unneccesary. You don't have to agree with his faith, but making a statment like that is ignorant. Either you are focusing about his football and integrity with the game, or you are focusing on his religious beliefs. Maybe you need to take a page out of his book and watch your comments while writing.

nonmember avatar lgr

Pure speculation. I like him more and more. People desperately want a scandal to take him down and shove his love of Christ in his face. Back off! I'm tired of people feeling threatened by his beliefs. What he does and says shouldn't matter if your secure in your personal beliefs.

nonmember avatar Brian

Dawn....thank you, you took the words right out of my mouth.....and you said it very well. I was also troubled by the labeling of his display of faith..as "religous antics".

bills... billsfan1104

Why call it "religious antics"?? He doesnt force you and or anyone else to believe what he believes. He says he is blessed and he will give praise to the one that he thinks gave him those blessings. What is wrong with that?? Why demean him and call it antics?? I bet if Jenny Erickson said a Muslim on the football field giving praise to Allah was "religious antics", you would get your thongs in a twist.
He is a great football player, doesnt do anything wrong, and what is sad is that bloggers like you and the hateful people, want to see him fail.

nonmember avatar Cee

She got fame hungry, just like Olivia Wilde and many others. She won some medals, people thought she was sexy so she posed naked.. Now she needs to upgrade her man too.

ashja ashja

"Shove his love of christ in his face?" Um, I think you have that backwards. He's the one shoving it in everyone else's faces! BILLSFAN - ENOUGH with the muslim analogy...it's played out....

aneela aneela

who is he?

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