Penn State Should Take a Time-Out From Football This Weekend

penn state footballFired Penn State football head coach Joe Paterno may not be coaching Saturday's Penn State vs. Nebraska game as he originally had promised he would, but as far as we know right now, the players will just have to look to the coward who should have been fired assistant coach Mike McQueary and interim coach Tom Bradley. They'll act like it's just any other day, any other game, while the country looks on, shaking their heads in disgust about the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Maybe they'll even have to put up with protests, nasty signs, and heckling and jeering from Nebraska fans that's 100 times worse than it would have ever been normally. But that's okay, because as far as everyone seems to be concerned, the game must go on.   

Even if it shouldn't.


As if anyone's really going to be able to focus on a football game at a time like this! Pfft! Fans and students may come out in droves to support their team, but everyone's going to have the same thoughts running in the back -- or the front -- of their minds.

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But there has been no better time or opportunity for the school to do something big, to make a statement about how deeply sorry and embarrassed and ashamed they are about what has happened. The Penn State community, as a whole, could stand to take a time-out, even if that means cancelling or postponing this one regular season game and their players have to miss out. After all, it probably is the best thing for the players themselves. How could they possibly focus when emotions are running so high, and this scandal is so fresh?

They should also consider cancelling the game out of respect for the victims, to force the community to observe some sort of "silence" (you know, figuratively) in the midst of what's just happened. It would probably also help diffuse the media/campus circus that's sprung up as a result, too.

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I doubt they'll back down from playing this weekend, but Penn State ducking out of the spotlight now would be a wise move, not to mention a smart one.

How do you feel about Penn State playing the game against Nebraska in the wake of the Sandusky scandal?


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