Hilarious Tim Tebow Meme Is Better Than Planking


Tim Tebow prayingTim Tebow shows how Tebowing is done.If you're a football fan, you've seen it done. The person quite suddenly drops to one knee, perches their elbow on the other, and rests their head on their fist. They aren't planking or owling. They're Tebowing. AKA pulling a Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Broncos and hottest new Internet meme.

It's inspired by the holiest roller in the NFL, who was raised by a pastor and his wife, who homeschooled her five kids and instilled Christian values. And in case you've forgotten that part of his background, Tebow shows us. All. The. Time. 

Even being told by fellow players to "shut the f--k up" when he requested they pray before a test at last year's scouting combine hasn't taken the wind out of his zealous sails. So we've had his religion bashed over our heads enough ... now let's use it to our advantage! This could be a good thing for the rest of us?

Tebowing may be the first fad to actually have some use in the real world. Planking can get you killed. Batting makes the blood rush to your head. But from this position, you can pray -- like the young quarterback himself -- ask your sweetie to marry you, even burst into song like a campy Broadway star (you'll have to spread your arms to make it work). Really, the sky is the limit!

Haven't seen a Tebow wannabe on your Facebook feed yet? The official Tebowing Tumblr presents the possibility that a surgeon can use this down on one knee, fist in the air position to celebrate a good outcome in the operating room, or to show proper reverence for the Halloween holiday (which can, frankly, use a little help with all these ridiculous attacks of late).

Have you Tebowed yet today? Come on, you know you want to!


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krowell krowell

Really ? He's praying. Mocking someone for postive things is kind of low. Maybe focus on the NFL's who have been convicted of serious crimes. Not the athlete that prays.

nonmember avatar PollySci

haha this is hilarious. But seriously, he looks like an idiot. God doesn't need to be thanked for every successful pass, touchdown, and field goal...a little over the top.

Kritika Kritika

There is a Greek Orthodox player on the Steelers that crosses himself after every. single. play. I love it. Good for him.

douxm... douxmusique

Aw that's mean. We are tebow fans. In fact we.moved.to co from fl to.follow. no, I'm totally kidding. Anyways.... I kinda would like to.get.pics of my kids tebowing cuz it seems kinda funny.

mustb... mustbeGRACE

Some. people. actually. live. that ..............................................way.

I'm sorry you  (Jeanne Sager) hadn't heard.

Snark... Snarkymom

Tim Tebow did NOT come up with this. Players have been doing  some form of spiritual recognition for years.  Its funny how people ask him questions about his religion and when he answers, he is proselytizing.  What happened to freedom to express your religion? Oooops, I forgot...Christianity seems to be exempt from that more and more lately (as I wait for someone to write about extremeists and the Crusades).  The Stir writers seem to be quite the Tebow haters...

nonmember avatar LA from Ohio

You do not have to be so negative, this is his belief and way to live his life (as is mine). You are a very negative person, if you don't like watching him, you do not have to, nobody is forcing you to watch!

Colet... Colette923

I'm an ATHIEST and I think people need to leave him alone! He's religious, big deal! The reporters keep asking him about his religion, he's not proselytizing, geez.

KWnav... KWnavywife

Wow...this is a new low and outrageously immature. So now we're mocking a man who doesn't feel the need to hide his faith? What really gets me is that if this man happened to be Muslim or Hindu or (insert religion here) this would be national new and there would be an out cry against it. This is no different. I got news for you people. This is AMERICA, we have this lovely right called freedom OF religion. IF you don't want to pray or be a Christian, don't but how dare you put others down for it. You want to talk about being "bashed over the head" with things, how about the fact my child can't bring her Bible to school w/o getting in trouble. She's not hurting anyone, or "bashing" anyone over the head, yet its against the rules. Anyway, I digress. What it boils down to is you people need to grow up and stop acting like middle schoolers making fun of someone who's different than you are.

tis.u... tis.unnatural

I think it's pretty amusing. But then again, I'm rather amused by anyone who thinks that, with everything going on in the world (not to mention 7 billion other people) God would really care that much about every pass, every touchdown, every random football thing that this one guy does. I dunno, if religion was really that important to him perhaps instead of getting ridiculous sums of money to play a pointless game he should be dedicating his time and efforts to living a more Jesus-like life and helping others.

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