6 Reasons Football Fans Hate Tim Tebow


denver broncos tim tebowHolier-than-thou public figures are the absolute WORST. You know, like GOOP-alicious Gwyneth Paltrow, who seems to think she knows everything about anything diet and fitness and natural health-related. But in football, there's a standout athlete who takes the cake for his moral superiority -- Tim Tebow. The brand-new starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos will take the field in his new position of power this Sunday, and in honor of that, a survey was conducted on Twitter yesterday.

Users who follow NFL.com's Jeff Darlington were asked to respond to this tweet: "A question for anyone who dislikes Tebow for reasons other than his ability as a QB: What is it about him that bothers you?" The responses were definitely a mixed bag, but one thing's clear: A LOT of fans hate Tim Tebow! Here's why, from real football fans.

  1. "He's the Lady Gaga of Football - comes off contrived to me, but genuine and pure to others. Definitely polarizing." -@TeflonFong -- Yeah, I get what they're saying here, but at the same time, uh, as a Little Monster, I'm offended by the comparison!
  2. "I respect him as a player and hope he is great but I HATE that he spews his religious beliefs everywhere. Just play football." -@AamirRahman -- Exaaaaactly! Time and place, man. He's not a televangelist. He's a football player. Just play your game, and leave religion out of it!
  3. "I don't hate Tebow hate his obsessed cult-like fans who literally think he is 2nd coming of God. They make situation worse." -@amy13phins -- Okay, well, this one is definitely diplomatic, but still ... without Tebow, you wouldn't have the crazy obsessed cult-like fans. Just sayin'!
  4. "What bothers me about Tebow? The God thing for one. He just seems like a phony."-@bobbyd121 -- Guess it's not necessarily about wearing his religion on his sleeve, but how not-so-genuine that seems!
  5. "We're just sick of him. The dude was over-hyped all through college all offseason coming up to the draft and stilll is receiving more media coverage than any other rookie!" -Ramone Brown -- Kinda love this, because it shows people dislike him for more than his bible-thumping!
  6. "I see people that find the constant attention and the blind adoration to be tiresome." -Michael Keller -- Yeah, this kind of falls under the same thing as the crazy fans, which you might not say is Tim's fault, but it's still annoying!

No one would argue that the guy's got talent, but he is definitely divisive. And being that we've got enough division when it comes to the serious issues, dealing with it in sports seems a bit unnecessary. But at the same time, well, haters are going to hate no matter what.

How do you feel about Tim Tebow?


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arlis... arliss123

This is really sad. Here's an amazing guy who loves Jesus, does his best to make the world a better place, and constantly deflects praise off of himself and onto his teammates. Yet he is widely hated and constantly criticized. Conversely, many NFL players party constantly, blow throught their salaries, beat their girlfriends, abuse animals, etc. and they are held up as heroes.

kelti... kelticmom

So let me get this straight, the guy is nice, talented, humble, faithful to his beliefs, not ashamed to identify as a Christian, has good sportsmanship, morals....and people hate him for this??? But the dog murderers, possible rapists, qb's that send x rated pix out, foul mouthed, self absorbed other players are loved???? Speaks volumes about our society right now.

Melis... Melissa042807

Hey, I'm a Coloradan, and we like Tebow. Because now we have hope that our team will not be an embarrassment any more. 

buffa... buffalove23

Idc about his religious stances (although honestly I'd rather not hear them, or any from anyone for that matter lol) he's ridiculously overrated. Just my two cents.

bills... billsfan1104

I agree with almost everyone. He does not go around forcing anyone to believe what he believes. Many reporters ask about his religion and he answers them faithfully and without being ashamed. what is wrong with that?? Talk about being tolerant. You want people to be tolerant of others, but any Christian you degrade the shit out of him. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Emaline Kay Brown

blech and blech. spread the word of JESUS off the field!!! GO SEMINOLES!!!!!!!!!!!

jlynx0 jlynx0

I don't mind him. I'd probably be saying something different if my team hadn't had kicked his florida gator butt in 2009. I don't keep up with his NFL career to much though.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I'm wondering if all those people who don't like him "spreading the word of JESUS on the field" have similar issues with all those guys who make the touchdown and fall to a knee, or salute the Heavens, or make the Sign of the Cross to thank God for helping get the Touchdown.

I agree with the others here. Tebow is a polite, respectful, and professional young man who happens to have a strong faith. I see nothing wrong with that. If I don't quite fall in line with his religious beliefs, I dismiss them. They are his, they bring him strength and comfort, so good for him. I would much rather hear him speak than some of the other players who can't seem to string a simple, grammatically correct sentence together, or who can't seem to keep the cussing out of their language. And he's CERTAINLY better than the likes of Vick, who is a killer, and many of the others who can't talk around their big, fat egos. Talk about worship!!

kkey75 kkey75

I think he's a great role model for many reasons. He is kind to others, faithful to his beliefs, has a great work ethic, among many other things. And he's definitely doing something right since the Bible says the more you become like Jesus the more the world will hate you.

vanes... vanessalouanne

Well, I personally love Tim! I think he is a wonderful role model and I hope my kids turn out just like him.

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