Andy Roddick's Latest US Open Outburst Is Irresistable (VIDEO)


Andy Roddick outburst

When you think of spoiled brat tennis stars in need of anger management classes, the one that usually pops to mind is John McEnroe. Remember those days of chair-slamming, profanity-lobbing, racquet-smashing excitement on the courts? He was disrespectful and inappropriate and degraded the integrity of the game yada yada blah blah ... but he also made the game so edge-of-your-seat suspenseful! You never knew when that timebomb was going to blow and it kept you watching. We loved it and hoped for it just as much as we do when the hothead tennis star of this generation, Andy Roddick, has one of his freak-outs. Like yesterday ..

Roddick having a conniption about water on the court at yesterday's U.S. Open:

Pretty good, right? And this isn't even his best work. The fact is, tennis needs some good drama to liven things up and get people to show up to the games once in a while. Did you take a look at all those empty seats in the background while Roddick is going off on that poor ump? You wouldn't see that at a hockey playoff game or a soccer match. There, even if the game itself turns out to be a real snoozer, at least you can watch the fans beat each other up.

Don't get me wrong. Tennis is a great game that can be intense and exciting. But it's also an elite, restrained, non-contact sport that's been struggling for a spot in the sports-crazed US fan psyche in recent years.

And of course we can't forget that modern day tennis players are strong, focused, powerhouse athletes who drink adrenaline for breakfast. Of course they are going to blow once in a while and become YouTube sensations. It is what it is and it's not that big a deal, especially if no one gets a racquet in the face. Now that would definitely cross the water-soaked line.


Image and video via ViralVelocity/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Manchester

You should really post the video when they are walking away from the court. Andy says no one is on court 13, let's go play. Makes this less of a big deal...

nonmember avatar P. Varks

It is very dangerous for players to play on a wet hard court. Roddick was right. Court officials are lucky a player hasn't slipped and broken an ankle.

nonmember avatar Anna

I have to say that Americans stand out in tennis world: Connors, McEnroe and now Roddick just have no class and see nothing wrong with it. Also they marry silicone trophy wives, while European players marry a partner, someone good for them, not for a show. I guess the difference in cultures is huge.

Chick... ChickyLouie

Anna- have you ever heard of Boris Becker, Bjorn Borg, Yannick Noah, or Ilie Nastase? These are just a few Europeans that have had trophy wives that didn't work out too well in the end. There are also many upstanding American players. Arthur Ashe, Pete Sampras, Micheal Chang. Making a blanket statement is not fair and shows a lack of research. Roddick is upset because a wet hard court is dangerous to play on and is trying to get the point across to someone who doesn't seem to be listening or doesn't care. I don't think it is a lack of class.

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