NBA Player Who Applied to Home Depot Is a Role Model


home depotWhat do you think most NBA players have been doing since the lockout? Working on their tans, complaining over Twitter, parking in handicap spots? Not Delonte West, who played for the Boston Celtics last season. He's out applying for a job at Home Depot.

West, who can't go overseas to play basketball because of "legal troubles," recently took to his Twitter to let the world know about his new employment opportunities. He wrote: "It's official ... Pride 2 the side ... Just filled out an application at Home Depot ... Lockout ain't a game ..."

An athlete who doesn't think he's better than everyone and isn't out of control full of himself? I think hell just officially froze over.

Be it Allen Iverson launching into an expletive-ridden tirade against cops, Kobe Bryant dropping the f-bomb (not that f-bomb, the other, more derogatory f-bomb) to a referee, or an a-hole soccer player kicking -- and killing -- an owl during a game, most athletes think they're above anyone and everything, and wouldn't be caught dead applying for a job at Home Depot. They're too cool for school.

I think it takes guts and balls and other body parts for a professional athlete to do this, never mind publicize it to the world. But I've gotta admit, I'm curious as to where the hell all of West's money went? I mean, it's not like the lockout has been going on that long. For a professional basketball player to be so desperate he's looking to make minimum wage already -- dude must be broke.

Bad money managing skills aside, I hope West gets the job. Not just because he's financially in need of it, but because he's willing to put his "pride 2 the side." And that's rare for an athlete.

What do you think of Delonte West applying for a job at Home Depot?


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mama_... mama_em_c

It might (and prob is) money related. But- did you think that maybe he realizes that basketball isnt a career that lasts forever and maybe he needs to start looking for things past that? Or that maybe he wants something to do rather than just sit around? 

Unlikely... but just sayin

Momme... Mommee42boyz

It is curious. That's for sure. Guess we will wait and see what happens!

nonmember avatar Gina madison

I'm a delonte west fan but before you over praise him you might wanna research his legal troubles first.


It's probably a joke.

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