Hope Solo Posing Nude Would Be Good For Little Girls


Hope SoloI have a total girl crush on Hope Solo. The goalie of the Women's USA Soccer Team is hawt, smart, successful -- the whole package. From the looks of her kicking balls at NYC taxi cabs, the girl knows how to have fun too. So when I heard she was all set to pose nude, I had the same initial reaction as my girl, Nicole. Ethel Hope, get your clothes on! So why am I singing a different tune now?

Because it turns out Hope isn't getting nekkid for just any magazine. She'll be stripping down for ESPN the Magazine's annual Body Issue. Never heard of it? Well let's just say this is not Hustler or Penthouse. In fact, the last time people got all hot and bothered about a female athlete posing naked in the issue, a mag spokesperson explained "ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue is a celebration and exploration of the athletic form, honoring athletes of diverse shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and race."

Hear that? It's exploring diverse shapes. Which is one of the things I love most about Hope Solo. She's not a skinny mini. She's a spectacular athlete with an athlete's body. There's muscle on her, but there are curves too. She understands that to power her body on the field, she needs to have the energy that comes from eating healthy food. She has the type of body I wouldn't mind my daughter emulating: glowing, fit. Rocking that can only be good for her young female fans.

More to the point, the body issue is about the "form" of the body, not the details. Nudes, as many artists have proven over the years, can be tasteful. There are no naughty bits on display. If last year's issue is any indication, Solo will likely have shown MORE "erotic" detail with the silly hard nipple debacle than she will in the actual magazine.

Do you have a problem with a naked Hope Solo under these circumstances?


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I guess I don't quite "get" what you're getting at. You want to see her naked but in a slutty way? Not for the specialness she has? 

I personally don't care to see people naked. I'm one of those that like "a little" on and let my imagination do the rest.

jonellg jonellg

Naked is naked

sweet... sweetcherry_59

NO!!!! I don't care what magazine issue this is for it is discouraging. Why does every woman out there who can stand as a positive role model to young women have to get freaking naked? You can talk about body issues without showing everyone your bits. Whether this is tastefully done or not I think it is a bad decision. I really like her and this is going to change how I feel about her.

cek302 cek302

What's to stop the editors from the typical airbrushing anyway?


nonmember avatar cranscape

I was a little worried at first, but ESPN body issue isn't your typical photoshoot. I've seen previous issues and and they focus more on the body structure/muscles than what you'd typically expect from a "nude" photoshoot. Pretty tame too. Also, it isn't just women in the mag. Guys take up most of it. Nice to see fit and healthy rather than waifish and starved. If you are going into it looking for naughty stuff you'll probably be disappointed.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I'm not opposed to the ESPN photo shoot, but I think she'd be just as strong a role model - maybe even a strongER role model for little girls - if she refused.

So many celebrity "role models" that we point out to our girls these days are quick to strip... whether for sexual photos or for "altruistic" ones, like Peta or ESPN's "strength" or whatever it is, I think it's becoming far more a stand of individuality if they DON'T pose nude.

What a refreshing lesson our girls (and boys) would learn from that: this is MY body, and you don't have the right to see all of it. Not even for that amount of money.

Bertha21 Bertha21

I don't agree, it still sends the wrong message

nonmember avatar jessica

I definitely lol'd at the comments. As an artist, I often love tastefully done nudes. There is NOTHING to be ashamed of in the human body and I'd much rather look at a normal person than a skin and bones model. Healthy is wonderful. I'd rather my girls look up to her than a model. Again, NOTHING wrong with a little nudity, as long as we're not slutty about it.

LadyC... LadyCrackerJack

Wow... I couldn't help but laugh at some of these comments. People can be so close-minded. If the photos are tastefully done and there are no slutty poses, where is the harm? If you don't want your kids to see it, THEN DON'T SHOW THEM!

.Mhac... .MhacFoirfe.

^ I totally agree. Well-said, LadyCrackerJack!

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