Scantily Clad Lingerie Basketball Team Shouldn't Irk Feminists (VIDEO)

lingerie basketball leagueMainstream pro-sports (AKA the kind played by men) can't get their acts together. Every minute, there's some NFL lockout or NBA lockout. So, I guess it's no wonder there's a growing interest in women's sports. Well, it's about time! The interest should be there even when guy sports are in sesh. However, it would be better if people cared about, say, the WNBA as a female alternative. Not the Lingerie Basketball League!

Oh yes, it exists. It's a spin-off of the Lingerie Football Team, and of COURSE, it's based in L.A. (Where else?!) If you're not already offended by the concept, then maybe you'll bristle at the teams' names: The Beauties, The Divas, The Glam, and The Starlets. Gag.

Although, on second thought, maybe this isn't so bad. Hear me out.


The lingerie thing is obviously a gimmick ... a sexist one, which, on the surface, makes it seem like the league is only out to make a buck on horny men wanting to see women prance around in skimpy outfits "pretending" to play basketball.

But then you watch a video of actual game footage, and you see that these women take their sport seriously! There's no prancing around. They're actually playing hardcore b-ball. And well, I guess the uniforms aren't HORRENDOUS. It looks like -- at least on their upper half -- they do have slightly more material to 'em than what some beach volleyball players wear! Seems to me it's just the WNBA hiding behind a cringe-worthy name, with some garter belt-y frills on the uniforms.

Sure, it's kinda sad that someone felt like the public needed a dose of Victoria to enjoy their women's basketball. But meh -- the concept really is just a silly way to reel in fans; it's not a TOTAL sexist assault on women in sports. I'm a feminist, and I'm not freaking out.

Here's the video I'm referring to:

What do you think about the Lingerie Basketball league?


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