Scantily Clad Lingerie Basketball Team Shouldn't Irk Feminists (VIDEO)


lingerie basketball leagueMainstream pro-sports (AKA the kind played by men) can't get their acts together. Every minute, there's some NFL lockout or NBA lockout. So, I guess it's no wonder there's a growing interest in women's sports. Well, it's about time! The interest should be there even when guy sports are in sesh. However, it would be better if people cared about, say, the WNBA as a female alternative. Not the Lingerie Basketball League!

Oh yes, it exists. It's a spin-off of the Lingerie Football Team, and of COURSE, it's based in L.A. (Where else?!) If you're not already offended by the concept, then maybe you'll bristle at the teams' names: The Beauties, The Divas, The Glam, and The Starlets. Gag.

Although, on second thought, maybe this isn't so bad. Hear me out.

The lingerie thing is obviously a gimmick ... a sexist one, which, on the surface, makes it seem like the league is only out to make a buck on horny men wanting to see women prance around in skimpy outfits "pretending" to play basketball.

But then you watch a video of actual game footage, and you see that these women take their sport seriously! There's no prancing around. They're actually playing hardcore b-ball. And well, I guess the uniforms aren't HORRENDOUS. It looks like -- at least on their upper half -- they do have slightly more material to 'em than what some beach volleyball players wear! Seems to me it's just the WNBA hiding behind a cringe-worthy name, with some garter belt-y frills on the uniforms.

Sure, it's kinda sad that someone felt like the public needed a dose of Victoria to enjoy their women's basketball. But meh -- the concept really is just a silly way to reel in fans; it's not a TOTAL sexist assault on women in sports. I'm a feminist, and I'm not freaking out.

Here's the video I'm referring to:

What do you think about the Lingerie Basketball league?


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momof... momof030404

I GET that they are playing hardcore. And I dont discount their talent. So why the need to dress in next to nothing? It takes your credibility as far as I am concerned. You cant convince me that they are dressing that way to PLAY better. No, they are doing it to look cute and sexy....for men. I have no urge to watch have naked women run around a field. I have no urge to let my girls either and these are NOT women I want them looking up to. The REAL WNBA....THOSE women who fight to play WITH THEIR CLOTHES ON I totally respect. The Womens soccer team that just ALMOST won......Hero's for my girls. This gimmicky sexualized BS...not so much.

momof... momof030404

That should say HALF naked women :) LOL

jaxmadre jaxmadre

That garters are a bit much. Those women look ridiculous. I don't think it will help anyone look beyond the uniform and take their game seriously.

harym... harymarshman

I agree with jaxmadre, the garters are silly. But in all honesty, who cares. The woman are having fun, have their tidbits covered and are making money doing it. To each their own.

MzHuycke MzHuycke

Its all in good fun. The women want to do it, nobody is making them "objectify" themselves. Yeah, it could look a little trashy given their choice in uniforms. I haven't watched the Lingerie Basketabll League, but my brother in law and husband watch Lingerie Football and damn, those girls are TOUGH!!! Can't take away their athleticism and talent just because they are dressed in bedroom wear..

Wonde... Wonderlust

look at all the flippin'

nonmember avatar sarah

I'm a feminist, too. And I am freaking out.

Once again, we're reinforcing the message that in order to be valuable/acceptable to a general (male) audience, women have to be sexually stimulating - regardless of the fact that they have skills or talents.

True, no one is forcing these women to objectify themselves, but by "being cool with it" we are giving our tacit permission for the audience view women as sexual objects rather than skilled human beings.

Come on, feminists. "My skillset isn't valuable unless I add sex" is not feminism. That's a "if you can't beat them, join them" defeatism.

(May I suggest the book "Female Chauvinist Pigs" by Ariel Levy for a more articulate rebuttal to your position? Sigh...)

Ankho... Ankhorite

Totally with nonmember Sarah's remark two posts away from this one; I'm freaking out, too, really irritated.  Sexualizing sports ricochets through the age brackets until you have pre-teen cheerleaders performing in bra tops, and kindergartners wanting to dress like prostitutes for Halloween. (My neighbor's 7 year old was very proud of her harlot outfit last year -- seven!!)

And I strongly second Sarah's commendation of Female Chauvinist Pigs.  Really a great book, and i don't understand why the talk shows haven't had author Ariel Levy on constantly.   Hers is a fresh voice next to the goofy I'm-just-a-girl posturing of Meghan McCain, Mika Brezinski, and the like.

nonmember avatar Rebecca

Having these women dressed up will not increase viewers, the only people who watch these types of sports are not interested in talent, only looks.

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