Hope Solo's Nipple Scares ESPN Silly (PHOTO)


hope solo abby wambach nippleTeam USA goalie Hope Solo has made quite the impression on America. She's become a household name, everyone's new fave female athlete, and even a possible contender for Dancing With the Stars. But have you heard?? Her squeaky-clean name might be tarnished by a Janet Jackson-like incident that occurred last week! Oh yeah. Or so you'd think given all the hullabaloo surrounding one innocuous image of Solo with fellow hero Abby Wambach after the match against Brazil.

See, it's a tale of two photos. One photo -- displayed on the front page of ESPN.com last night -- varied from another photo, the original version, taken for and distributed by Getty Images (which you're lookin' here on this very page). One thing from the real photo was suspiciously missing from the ESPN version? Solo's erect nipple. HA! Seems like someone over at ESPN was potentially trying to make the pic slightly more G-rated with PhotoShop.

A'course, there's also the argument that the sports site may have tweaked the contrast ever so slightly, and that somehow unwittingly did away with the not-quite-a-nip-slip. I'm more apt to believe that it was a conscious effort on ESPN's part to "smooth over," manipulate, gloss-ify -- however you want to put it -- the original photograph.

And if that's true, then it's just plain ridiculous!

Sports may be entertainment, but a snap of a moment like that, between these two big name women's soccer stars on the world stage, shouldn't be PhotoShopped as if it were a shot of, say, Kim Kardashian strutting down a Beverly Hills boulevard on her way to a dress fitting. Because sorry, whether you like it or not, that's how Hope Solo looked that night. It was what it was!

Not to mention that the idea of a woman's CLOTHED erect nipple being a big bad eyesore or "issue" is a whole different story. Why are we so friggin' uptight about such a silly little thing? It's the human body. It's a real live woman. Oh noes!

The bottom line: Sports photojournalism should fall under the same category as news photojournalism. The aim should be to capture the TRUTH, regardless of whether it's potentially, slightly embarrassing and raw.

What do you think -- do you think ESPN was right to potentially PhotoShop the image of Hope Solo?


Image via Martin Rose/Getty

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ashjo85 ashjo85

LOL, If I was being photographed with my headlights on high-beam, I think I'd probably appreciate the shot being, ahem, smoothed a bit before publishing! :-)

nonmember avatar Kristi

Sorry, men and women have nipples, sometime they're even erect! Things like this are crazy, she's not exposed at all, there's nothing to be prudish about. It's biology and we as a country need to get over this phobia we have of breasts and nipples.

nonmember avatar Sara

I gotta agree that if it was ME, I'd appreciate the touch-up. I hate to have my nipplies poking out. Not attractive.

nonmember avatar This is sarcasm

What? Women are playing sports? Behead them now! Praise Allah!

nonmember avatar Matthew

Sara, As a male I disagree.

Bonnie Bruns Williams

Nipples  - every human has them and nipples get hard sometimes!! It's not a big deal - I just don't get it.  Don't care if  mine or hers are showing...  And as far as if that is attractive or not (doesn't really matter though...) I'm pretty sure erect nipples are considered hot! The whole point though, is the double standard for men and women.  If that were a man with hard nipples, the media would have left the nips showing. 

Momma... MommaTasha1003

I say who cares! Honestly if i where Hope Solo Id thank ESPN for the edit. Nips are not a big deal at all, but for most it is a oops! I always feel a little embarrassed for stars when I see them on live shows, headlights on highbeams. And I feel this for men & woman..

nonmember avatar Andrew

There was once a magazine cover (I can't remember the name) that was a close up of 12 nipples. The headline was "one of these is a woman's." But since they were all close up, you couldn't tell if they were men's or women's nipples. It pointed out the absurdity of the idea that women's nipples are somehow lewd and must be covered while men's are just nipples.

Kediset Kediset

I get soooo self-conscious when my uh... nipples.. . . . show through my shirt. :x if I don't want people around town seeing 'em, I sure wouldn't want the world seeing them. Just saying.. and I thought this article was on like.. a full out slip up..

onefo... onefootcutiepie

Who cares if they brushed it out or not? It's not the point of the photo.......

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